MyBGSU Enterprise Portal

Adding a Portlet to Your MyBGSU Page


1) Click on the 'Customize Page' link in the horizontal navigation bar in the upper right corner of any page in the MyBGSU Enterprise Portal. 

2) When the Customize Page is displayed, click the tab of the page you want to modify if it is not the Welcome page.


3) At the top of a region of the page that you can modify, you will see a title bar that contains 2 icons ( an add portlet icon and an arrange portlets icon).  If you put your cursor over the icon, you will see the icon name displayed. Click on the Add Porlet icon.

4) When you see the 'Add Porlets to Region' page, click on 'Porlet Staging Area' link under the Porlet Repository title bar.


5) In the Porlet Staging Area, click on a folder to see the portlets available under that category. My Campus Views will be used for this example.


6) The only portlet in the My Campus Views folder is the My Campus Views portlet. Click on the name of the portlet to add it to your list of Selected Portlets.


7) If you want to change the position of the portlet in that region, go to the items in the Selected Portlets box and click on the name of the new porlet. Then you can click on any of the icons along the right side of the box to place the new portlet in the desired position.

8) Click the OK button in the upper right corner to return to the Customize Page.

9) On the Customize Page, click on the 'Close' button in the upper or lower right corner of the page to return to MyBGSU where you will see the porlet you just added.