MyBGSU Enterprise Portal

Customizing the MyBGSU MyFavorites Portlet


1) Click on the 'Customize' link in the MyFavorites portlet's title bar.

On the MyFavorite Portlet's Wizard that is displayed, you can add a new favorite, modify or delete a favorite or arrange your existing list of favorites. 

2) To add a new favorite web site, click on the '+' sign or add favorites icon in the group of icons on the right side of the MyFavorites list box to clear the Favorites form.

3) In the form, enter the name you want to see on your favorities list for the 'Description', the part of the URL that would follow http:// and click Add Favorite.

If the content you are adding is not a standard web site, you may need to use the pull-down menu to select a different option.  (https:// - secure server; ftp:// - file from FTP site; file:// - file, smb:// - command to perform operations on a file system over a network,  etc.) 

4) As soon as you click Add Favorite, you will see your new item appear in your MyFavorites list box in the wizard.  If you want to re-arrange your list of favorites, click on the favorite to select it.  Then use the arrows on the side of the list box to arrange your favorites as you want them to appear in your list.  When you hold your mouse over each arrow, the function it performs will be displayed.

5) Click on the Apply button to save your changes.

6) Click on the OK button to return to My BGSU.

You will see your updated list of favorites in the Favorites portlet.

Modifying a Favorite

1) Click the 'Customize' link on the MyFavorites portlet.

2) When you see your list of favorites displayed in the MyFavorites Portlet wizard, click on the favorite you want to modify to select it.

3) Make the appropriate changes in the MyFavorites Portlet form and click Modify Favorite .

4) Click the Apply button to save your changes.

5) Click the OK button to return to My BGSU.

You will see your list of updated favorites in the MyFavorites portlet.

Deleting a Favorite

Follow the same steps used to modify a favorite except that you will click on the 'x' or delete favorite icon to remove it.