Portal Redesign


New MyBGSU portal to replace current portal

on October 10, 2013


To view new MyBGSU portal,

login to current portal and

select New MyBGSU portal at the top of the page

The MyBGSU portal is designed to be a one-stop shop for access to information from all web based campus software systems. The current MyBGSU portal has been in place for some time and is utilizing aging hardware and out of date web technologies.

The goal is to put a new MyBGSU portal into place. Doing so will involve setting up a new portal infrastructure, selecting and setting up portal software that meets the university’s needs, and adding portlets to the new environment. In addition to implementing a new portal, a new single sign on technology will be implemented as a part of this project.

Information on Portal Selection

Why We Need a New Portal

  • Need to update hardware
  • Need to update user interface/user experience
  • Portal needs to work across all browsers
  • Portal needs to work on all screen sizes
    • includes desktop, tablet, phone format
  • Portal needs to interface with other systems utilized by BGSU

Partnering with Unicon for a New Portal

Portlet Development

  • The implementation team is examining requests for portlets in the new portal.
  • To submit a request or to suggest a portlet, complete the form available on the Feedback page.

For assistance with the location of services inside of the new Portal, visit our Crosswalk.