Content Options Chart for File Storage


Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a number of options for use by the campus community in storing files. This quick reference guide has been developed to aid users in determining the appropriate storage option for their need.

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I would like to…


Available to


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… host Podcasts

Podcast Server

Faculty, Staff, Students

  • Podcast accounts are available to faculty, staff, and students. 
  • Quotas start at 1 Gb and can be increased based on need.

… distribute documents and collaborate with colleagues and associates for instructional and institutional missions via the web



All BGSU account holders may access the system, however course and community shells may only be requested by faculty, staff, and students for instructional and institutional purposes.

  • Course shell quotas are 256Mb.
  • Quotas for course shells for distance education courses are 512Mb.
  • Quota for communities are 128Mb.
  • Quota for course shells can be increased as long as use does not violate laws or University guidelines.
  • Blackboard accounts are activated on each half-hour during weekday business hours.
  • A complete refresh of user information is performed daily at 6 a.m.
  • Self-help documentation

... publish non-course or campus organization related information to the web



BGSU faculty and staff, current BGSU undergraduate and graduate students

  • Web services are enabled
  • Quota is 15 Mb

… upload, access, store, retrieve, and share files both on and off campus using a web browser



All BGSU account holders

  • Accessible at to those with a valid BGSU username and password
  • Files are accessible both on and off campus.
  • Users control access to files and directories.
  • Can share with BGSU and non-BGSU account holders via tickets
  • User agreement must be accepted at initial login
  • Transfer of data is encrypted
  • Quota is 1 Gb
  • see Help button on the Left Navigation of
  • Documentation

… use a shared file space to organize, index, and share files with my department

ITS Fileshare


BGSU Faculty and Staff via a Service Level Agreement

  • file share are available on-campus only
  • for each file share established, a department contact will be designated
  • access to directories completed by requests to ITS via TSC
  • usage support provided by TSS assigned to user building
  • Quotas range from 4Gb through 300Gb

… store and retrieve paper and electronic documents

Document Imaging System

BGSU Faculty and Staff

  • Workflow can be implemented to automate business processes. 
  • Each office/department purchases their own document scanner based on Digital Services recommendation.
  • Can integrate with other systems such as Peoplesoft. 
  • Currently no quota

… organize, index, and share a collection of assets
(digitized slides, photographs, 3-D objects, etc.)

Digital Asset Management


BGSU Faculty and Staff

Some areas will be accessible by the public

  • Assets may be accessed by anyone based on permissions set up by Digital Services
  • Scanning and indexing completed by client, Digital Services or combination
  • Can integrate with other systems such as CMS
  • Currently no quota

… access audio and video content that integrates seamlessly with an iPod


BGSU faculty, staff, and students

  • Free, hosted service by Apple, Inc.

… see instructional television programs from WBGU-PBS

Digital Video (DVSS)

BGSU faculty, staff, and students

  • Content regulated/uploaded by WBGU-TV Television Learning Services
  • MPEG-2 video playback to Set Top Boxes in classrooms
  • MPEG-4 streaming to desktops both on and off campus

… house a portfolio of a student’s learning experiences



BGSU Faculty and Students

  • Web services are enabled
  • Currently no quotas