Department File Share Service


To support the need for electronic collaboration, Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a shared file space service to University departments. This service is deployed from servers located within the central computing facility which is managed by ITS. It was designed to accommodate the sharing of Microsoft Office files, data files, and other business related files that need to be shared between staff members within a University department. Although the service was primarily designed for use by Windows XP desktops, it is also accessible by Macintosh systems. For each department file share established, a department contact will be designated. This department contact will serve as the coordinator and communication resource between the department and ITS regarding this file share.

Type of Support Associated with the File Share Service

  • ITS will support this service by continuously monitoring hardware and recovering lost files.
  • ITS will provide usage support through the Technology Support Specialist deployed in your building.
  • ITS will manage the service by providing account management, quota management, hardware upgrade management and scheduled outage management.
  • Upon request from the participating department’s contact person, ITS will add or remove accounts.
  • ITS will regularly monitor the department’s disk utilization and notify the contact person when the quota is being approached.
  • ITS will follow an upgrade cycle for the hardware and operating system software that will provide optimum service levels.
  • ITS will schedule all maintenance outages in advance and at times that will minimize service disruptions.

Requests to add or remove user access are initiated by the designated department contact person working with the Technology Support Center (TSC). TSC will then create an Altiris incident so that the required change can be made. TSC can be contacted by telephone at 419-372-0999 or by email at

Details about the Distribution of Shared File Space
The shared file space will be distributed at the University Department level and will be available to staff members that login to the University Windows Domain. These are the levels of service available:

  • Level 1
    • 5Gb of shared file space free of charge
    • All user accounts will be created with the same read/write permissions to the whole shared space.
    • This is strictly shared file space. More advanced options (i.e. backing up my documents folders) are only available in Level 2.
  • Level 2
    • 10Gb of shared file space for a fee of $50 a year
    • Storage Space can be increased at a price of $5/Gb in increments of 10Gb
    • Mass Storage above 200Gb will be handled on an as needed process
    • Two levels of user accounts will be allowed. Accounts with read/write permissions to the whole shared space and accounts that have read/write permissions to the folders within the shared space.
    • A regular backup of the My Documents folder for each Windows XP user's hard drive.

Service Level Agreement for Shared File Space

To Request the File Share Service for your Department
If you have additional questions or are ready to request this service for your department, contact the Technology Support Center at 419-372-0999.