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Content Management System (CMS) FAQs


Accessing the Rhythmyx Server

  What software needs to be installed to use Rhythmyx?
The Rhythmyx server is accessible using a supported web browser that is Java 2 enabled. 

Supported browsers and Java 2 applications required:



Java 2


Windows XP

Internet Explorer
6.0 SP2


Mac OS X
(Power PC)



Mac OS X


When using the CMS servers, the pop-up blocker on your browser should be disabled ( PC  Mac).

  Can I access the Rhythmyx servers off campus?
Yes. and are accessible anywhere you have a network connection and a supported browser.

  Can I add the CMS servers to my browser Favorites (PC) or as a browser Bookmark (Mac)?
Yes, but you must manually edit the URL so it matches one of these addresses: for the CMS Production System and for the CMS Test System. On Internet Explorer (PC), add the CMS server to your favorites list after your login completes. Then right click on that item in your favorites list and select properties. Edit the URL on the Web Document tab and click OK. For Safari (Mac), add the CMS server as a Bookmark after your login completes. To edit the URL, select Show Bookmarks from Safari's Bookmarks menu, select the Collection to edit (e.g. Bookmarks Menu), then select the line that includes the CMS server and edit the URL.

 CMS supported browsers?
- Firefox 1.0 or higher on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux
- Internet Explorer 6 or higher on Windows, with the strong recommendation of Internet Explorer 7
- Safari 1.0.2 or higher on Mac OS X
We also support any Sun JRE 1.5.0_07 or higher, and any version of the Apple-distributed JRE on Mac OS X.
The versions listed in the Getting Started guide you mention are indeed out of date; however, they are versions that we developed and tested Rhythmyx with internally, and therefore, we have certified them for use.
Content Explorer requires the use of JRE 1.5.0_07 or higher. The use of higher versions may require patches for proper functionality, and versions 1.6.0_19 or higher requires a patch to remedy a security issue. We are currently up to date; the latest 6.5.2 patch allows for the use of the latest JRE, which is currently 1.6.0_21.
Use these notes as a guideline: For example, I use Content Explorer with Firefox 3.6.8, JRE 1.6.0_21, running on OpenSuSE Linux 11.2 daily, and have had no problems with up-to-date patched CM System servers.
Google Chrome/Chromium and Opera on any operating system, as well as Safari on Windows, or any other browsers not mentioned here, are not supported or certified at this time. Please keep in mind that this statement does not mean there will be problems, but Percussion Technical Support will not solve issues you incur with these browsers at this time.
The OpenJDK is known not to properly function with CM System, and is not supported or certified at this time.

BGSU Templates

  What is a Rhythmyx template?
A Rhythmyx template is an HTML page that contains no site-specific content.  It has a pre-defined layout with empty slots that hold prescribed content types. Templates can be selected in content editors that create full-page variants (e.g. Generic Article, Generic Home Page).

  Is any type of content permitted in slots on BGSU’s templates?
No, slots will contain prescribed content. You can identify the type of content in the Content Type list available when you search for content to add to the slot.

  How are left nav side-bar links added to the template?
Left Navigation Side-bar links need to be added manually for each page generated. You can add each link separately or, if you have a group of links that need to be added to several pages, you can use the Left Nav content editor to create the set of links and add that content item to each page.  If you group your links on a Left Nav content item, you can do a "quick edit" of that item when you need to update your side-bar links.  All of the pages that contain that your Left Nav content item are republished when it is republished. 

First you need to create the items that will appear on your sidebar.  For generic home pages and generic articles, make sure you have entered the Left Nav title that you want to appear on your sidebar in the content editor. For content not in the CMS, create External URLs.  Then, if you want to group your links, create a Left Nav content item using the content ID numbers of your Generic Home Page, Generic Articles and External URLs. 

These are the editing methods to add your sidebar or sidebar links to your pages:

  1. Get to the Edit All page which contains the slots available in the content editor:
    • Double-click or select Edit to open the content editor and click on the Edit All button in the Related Content area at the bottom of the form. (On a new Generic Home Page or Generic Article, the Edit All button will appear after you do you first 'Insert' of content.) OR
    • Choose Active Assembly Table Editor to go directly to the Edit All content associated with the Generic Home Page or Generic Article you are creating or modifying.
  2. To add the first level of links, click on link associated with Left Nav Bar slot and search for the item you want to add to your sidebar.  This can be a Left Nav content item.  If you have added several links, use Action buttons associated with items to edit/arrange/delete. Mouse over action buttons to see their function. 
  3. If you want a second level of links to display on a Generic Home Page under one of your first level links, you only need to add those items on the Generic Home Page of the first level link in another slot under Edit All called Nav submenu items. You will also see the second level links display on all content items considered children of the parent home page.  So for a Generic Home Page, the second level links will appear on that page and all Generic Articles and Generic Home Pages placed in that directory or area.  They will not appear on pages hierarchically below that directory because those pages are children of another parent page.  If you want a second level of links to appear on a Generic Article, they will only display on that page.   Important: DO NOT link a page to itself in a submenu. This will create an infinite loop and eventually cause a Rhythmyx out of memory error.
An alternate method to fill the Left Nav Bar slot is to Select Active Assembly and the name of the template you used to create the content item from the menus associated with it. submenu. The Office of Web Development does not recommend this procedure but will do a demo for you if you wish.

  When would I set 'Always show subnav' to "yes" in the Generic Home Page or Generic Article editor?
The default for 'Always show subnav' is "no". You would change it to "yes" when you always want the subnav to appear everytime this navigation bar is used on a page. The use of this option is rare. Ordinarily the subnav would only appear on the parent homepage and all other content items that are considered children of the parent homepage.

  If I add a content item to a Left Nav bar that does not have a value for Left Nav Title in the content editor, what happens?
If there is no value for Left Nav Title in the content editor, the Short Title is used by default.

  When there are slots for images, must I use images that match the dimensions specified?
Yes. These are the dimensions for images used in the BGSU templates:
-->home page with photo is 561 x 200 pixels
-->home page with section photo is 748 x 200 pixels
-->any landing page is 748 x 100 pixels which can be one or more pictures that equal this size

  How do I create images of the specific dimensions required?
You may contact the Office of Marketing & Communications for suggestions.

  Should I add a footer to the pages I create on Rhythmyx?
No, the footer is already included in BGSU’s Rhythmyx templates.

  Can I insert style sheets for my area into Rhythmyx?
No, Rhythmyx uses system level style sheets so the look and feel of the whole BGSU web site remains consistent.

Creating/Editing Content

  What is the unique identifier for a content item created in Rhythymx?
Items in the system are uniquely identified by their content ID number. If you want to see the content ID number associated with a content item, you must choose a  that includes it (e.g. default, extended). You can use the content ID number when you want to reference a particular content item in the system.

  Why should you search for content items in Rhythmyx before creating new items?
So you don’t needlessly duplicate items that already exist and can take advantage of the benefits of managed content (e.g. when an item needs to be updated, it can be globally changed by updating only one content item).

  Why is it important to give careful consideration to the CMS name that is assigned as new items are created in Rhythmyx?
The CMS name is the internal system name assigned to a particular item of content that is used by the Search engine to locate it so it is important to include words that would be supplied in a Search.

  How can you assign CMS names that will make searching the Rhythmyx database easier?
As a way of locating a certain set of content, a naming convention can be established. See BGSU’s CMS Standards.  You can also make sure all content items in a group of related content contain a common name as part of the CMS title so entering that text in the search will bring up all items.

  What is an External URL in Rhythmyx? Is it a URL that is not on BGSU’s web server or a URL for content not entered into Rhythmyx?
It is a URL for content not entered into Rhythmyx that will be used as a sidebar item or an item added in the Left Navigation editor. During the conversion to Rhythmyx, items not in the system will initially be entered as an external URL and eventually need to be modified to its CMS equivalent when it is entered into Rhythmyx.  An External URL does not need to be created for content in the body of the page.

  What are Link sub heads that appear after Generic Home page content is generated?
Link sub heads are a list of links that appear on the home page. Subheading name is the header or category name associated with the list. This variant is also used on Landing Pages.

  What is a Landing Page?
A landing page is the page you land on when clicking on a link on your home page or the page directly below the top level page. It can only contain a list of links. BGSU Landing pages are: Current Students, Academics, Faculty & Staff, Alumni & Guests, Parents & Family.

  How can I use BGSU Forms and BGSU scripts on the Rhythmyx server?
Since the code for BGSU Forms and BGSU scripts resides on a different server, you just need to reference it with a full path name. You can test your form on the Rhythmyx server while previewing your content.

  Since Rhythmyx dynamically creates web pages, how do you know what URLs BGSU will use?
The directory where the file is stored is determined by the Category selected for full page variants (Generic Article, Generic Home Page). A Generic Home Page will have the filename 'index.html' in the directory where it resides so only one should be created per directory. Generic Articles will be assigned the filename 'pagexxx.html' where xxx is replaced by the content ID number. All files will reside in the directory abbreviation)/ with the filename 'filexxx.(extension)' where xxx is replaced by the content ID number.

  Does the search engine in Rhythmyx accept either upper or lower case text?
Searches are not case-specific in either the search engine used outside or inside of the editor but you can select that option if you prefer.

  In the Ephox EditLive! editor, why does the CMS link content type options not include ‘External Link’ so I can select one I have already entered in the Rhythmyx database?
If you want external link such as in your body text, you will have to click on the Web link icon and create the link each time you need it. The CMS does not manage this kind of links.

  Can I cut and paste from Word, Excel or Powerpoint with Ephox EditLive!?
Yes, you can cut and paste from Word, Excel or Powerpoint with Ephox EditLive! and your original formatting and layout will be retained.

  How do you create an email link?
To enter an email link in the Rhythmyx database to be used on a sidebar, use the External URL content type and replace ‘http://’ with ‘mailto:account-name@host-name’. In the Ephox EDITLIVE editor, select Web link and use the same format.

  How do you create an HTML button that functions as a link, etc.?
Features of HTML that are less frequently used are best implemented in Rhythmyx by modifying the HTML code directly.

  How do you create an internal link and add a reference to it in a CMS link?
To create an internal link, select Bookmark from EditLive!'s Insert menu and assign the bookmark a unique name. To reference this link, select the CMS item that contains the link to create the URL. Then switch to code view and add # your bookmark name to the end of the item that starts with href=.  Do not remove the quote mark that appears after the value of the variable.

  How do you create a CMS link that opens the document in a new page?
Create the CMS link. Then switch to code view and add another variable, target="_blank", after the variable sys_authtype=0".

  How do I create a pop-up box?
To use a pop-up box in a Generic Home Page or Generic Article, you need to have a reference (content ID number) to a Help File that needs to be created and published independently. Use the Help File editor (e.g. content type= "EXECVP Help File") to enter the text for your pop-up box. Push it through the workflow until it is published. Once the help file is published, it will have a location/name like: "", where 3672 is the content item number. Then modify the HTML of the item that will include the pop-up using text similar to this as the link:

<div align="center"><a href="javascript:launch('');">
Click to View Transcript</a></div>

Replace the URL of the help file with the URL for the help file that contains your text. For your pop-up to work in Preview, the help file must be in the Public state.

  What are the Rhythmyx defaults for Short title and Long title?
Short title is 50 characters and Long title is 200 characters.

  How can I identify required fields in a content editor?
All required fields are marked with an (*) asterisk.

  When creating a CMS link in the body text, I see the content I need associated with several templates. Can I choose any of those?
No. You should choose the template used when the item was published. If you choose another template, the link may not work.

  What if I cannot access an item that needs to be edited?
There are two reasons you may not be able to access a content item. The role or roles you are assigned may restrict your access after an item is moved to a higher state in the workflow. If you need access to those items, contact your content supervisor. Also a content item may only be checked out for editing by one member of a community at a time. If you need access to an item that is checked out, change the display format to Extended so you can see who has the content checked out. If that person is unavailable for an extended period, you can contact your content administrator to get the item checked back in so it is accessible.

  What is the Related content (variant)?
Ways page is represented on another page (e.g. the link to a news article is related content of the news article).

  Is there any shortcut to save time doing data entry?
If you have to create new content that is similar to the content for an item already stored on the Rhythmyx server, you can create a new copy of the existing item. The new copy will have no relationship with the item it was generated from. Locate the original item and Select Create > New Copy to create a new content item.

  What do those who are part of more than one community need to be aware of when accessing the Rhythmyx Server?
Most users on the Content Management System are only a part of the community for which they develop web content. For the few that are part of more than one community, they need to make sure they are in the right community when trying to manipulate content. The name of the community is displayed under the Roles box in the Rhythmyx Login Details area in the upper right corner. To change communities, click on the icon next to the community name which will re-display the login entry page with a pull-down menu.

  What if I want to add a Content Management System link to an item in a different community's area?
You can create a link to any content item on the system even if it is in a different community. To locate that content while searching within EditLive!, use the content ID number if you know it. If not, select the Content Type (e.g. that community's Generic Home page) and enter part of the title. The Community parameter requires a numeric value so supplying text there will not work.

Error Handling/Recovery

  What should I do if I create a content item using the wrong content editor (e.g. enter an image using a file upload content editor), realize I have created content that someone else also has created, or make some other error I cannot fix when creating new content?
Please contact your community content administrators or contact  Technology Support Center, Hayes 110 at 2-0999.

  What should I do if I have created content that someone else also has created?
Please consult with the other person to merge any differences into a single copy. Please do not publish duplicated content on the web. It is not good practice for visitors to locate duplicated information, and furthermore, you cannot keep two or more copies up-to-date. It is to your advantage to have a single copy.

 What should I do if I made some error I cannot fix?
Please contact Technology Support Center at 419-372-0999 or, and request web support.

  What if I spell a word wrong when assigning a CMS name?
Go back into the content editor and modify the CMS name.

  What should I do if I encounter an internal system error or the Rhythmyx server goes down?
Report that to the  Technology Support Center, Hayes 110 at 2-0999. It will help us solve the issue if you can provide the text of the error message.

  What setting should I modify in Internet Explorer so I can see Rhythmyx errors?
Under IE -> Tools -> Internet Options …, click on the Advanced tab, uncheck the “Show friendly HTTP error messages”. Those using Safari do not need to change any settings to see Rhythmyx errors.

  When I’ve made a change, I am not seeing it when I preview the item. Why is it not showing up?
There are two reasons why you may not be seeing your changes. When you make changes, you must click the Update button or the work you did will not be saved. When you do make changes, we suggest that you get into the habit of clicking on the Close and Update buttons inside the Rhythmyx windows rather than closing windows by clicking on buttons on the window bar. If you have clicked the update button, refresh your browser.

  If I see a content item that needs to be removed from the system, how can I delete it?
Use the ‘Purge’ option on the Action Menu associated with the content item. If you don’t have access to the item, contact your Content Administrator.


  What should I do if I inadvertently forward an item to the next stage in the workflow before it is done?
Put in a request to a person handling items in the next stage of the workflow or your content administrator to send the item back down the workflow chain so you can access the item again.

  What should I do if I realize an item has been assigned the wrong workflow?
Move the item back to the draft state where you will be able to change the workflow.  If you don't have access to it in the state it now resides, contact your content administrator.

  How will I receive notifications from Rhythmyx?
If you are a member of Rhythmyx role, you will receive email notification when contents transition from one stage to another. The email will look something like this:
A new content item has been assigned to you. Please follow the URL below to act on this item.

Thank you -- The BGSU Content Management Team

If there are more than one person assigned to the same role, everyone assigned receives the notice.

Publishing Web Pages

  Is the Rhythmyx Server the same server where our web pages are posted?
No, the Rhythmyx Server is used to generate content that is automatically posted to BGSU’s web server by scheduled publishing cycles.

  Why don’t some of my sidebar links show up on my published page?
Every content item on the page must be moved to the public state before that content will appear on the web server. Check the content items in your Left Nav to see if all of them have been moved to the public state.

  I've put content into the CMS but the link to it does not work on my published page?
Make sure your content item has been moved to the public state. If it is, the content item may be queued to be published but not published yet. Give it plenty of time to publish. If the publisher is busy, it make take a number of hours. If you have waited about 4 hours and the link still does not work, move the content item that is not showing up on the web server from Public to Quick Edit and back to Public. Again give it some time to publish. If it still does not show up on the web server, contact the Technology Support Center at 419-372-0999.

  What is the difference between Publish Now and To Pending?
Publish Now starts a process up to handle publication of the current item and all content related to it. To Pending puts the item in a queue of items that are to be published on the activation date (e.g. different job). To Pending requires that the item has an Activation date.

  What is the difference between Publish Now and Rush to Public?
Publish Now starts a process up to handle publication of the current item and all content related to it. Rush to Public only publishes the current content item. It should be used when there is no need to publish the related content (e.g. for changes to the body of the text that don't effect the navigation bar.)