BGSU Email

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create my BGSU e-mail account?
You can create your BGSU e-mail account by entering the information requested at the account creation page.
I lost my password. How can I get back into my account?
Please contact the Technology Support Center. The staff there can help you reset your password.
How do I change my BGSU e-mail password?
See instructions for Changing your Authentication Password.
How can I change my BGSU e-mail username?
To minimize the administrative overhead and problems that e-mail address changes can cause, ITS e-mail policy allows username changes only in the case of a legal name change. If you have legally changed your name, first make sure it is changed in the Administrative Computing System by contacting Registration and Records. Once that change has been entered into the system, please contact the Technology Support Center. A staff member will help you choose a new account name that corresponds to your new name..
How do I change my BGSU e-mail display name?
Your e-mail display name will match your preferred name.  To change or establish a preferred name, follow this guide.
How can I forward my BGSU Exchange e-mail to another e-mail account?
See the document Redirecting (forwarding) your BGSU Exchange E-mail for forwarding instructions.
What is the size limit on attachments?

E-mail that is going to an address = 20 MB maximum.

Mac Email Clients such as Entourage, Outlook for Mac and Mac Mail have a limit of 10 MB.

This global message size limit includes all message text, images and attachments. 

Note: MyFiles is the approved method for transferring files larger than 10MB.

What is my quota on the e-mail system?
The mailbox quota for all users on the BGSU Exchange system will be 500 Mb.
Are POP and IMAP access supported?
Neither the POP3 nor traditional IMAP4 protocols will be supported by the new system, however the encrypted IMAPS protocol will be available for clients which support it, such as AppleMail, Thunderbird and others.
Will my BGSU e-mail account be active after I graduate or otherwise leave the University?
Please view our email policy on account termination.
Clients requesting immediate deletion of old BGSU e-mail accounts should contact the Technology Support Center.
How do I handle the spam I am getting?