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Calendar (Exchange) FAQs for Entourage 2008


When I create a meeting, how do I save it?
There is no "Save and Close" button in Entourage 2008. If you create the meeting by dragging your cursor on your calendar from the time the meeting is to start until it ends, the meeting is saved by default. You can then double-click on it to open and make any modifications. If you use other methods, Type command S or select File > Save to save the event to your calendar and command W or select File > Close to close the window.

Can I create banners in Exchange?
Yes, create a new event and select "All day event". Additionally, you can set that event to display as "Busy, Free, Tentative, or Out of Office" using the drop down box titled "Status:"

Can I create reoccurring items?
Yes, create a new event and select any option on the Occurs pull down menu except  "Only Once".

How do I share my calendar?
See Sharing Calendars in Entourage 2008 for instructions.

Can I change the color of meetings?
Yes, control click on the meeting and select Categories.

Can I delegate full control of my calendar?
Yes, you can do this in Entourage by using the delegate function. There is good information about how this works in Entourage’s help file or in Mactopia. Type “delegate” into the search box, and a list of articles will come up. Begin with the tutorial Delegate mail and calendar management to others .. Please use the delegate feature with caution, as meeting proposals by default will not be sent to you but rather your delegate.

Can I create multiple calendars?
Yes, select File/New/Folder and choose Type "Calendar"

Can I open my calendar in a new window?
Yes, select File/New/Open New Main Window.  The mail icon is selected by default; click the calendar icon.

How do I import the BGSU Academic Calendar banners into my Exchange calendar?
To import the BGSU Academic Calendar banners into your BGSU Exchange Calendar, you will need to find a specific file on your desktop and replace it with a file you download. Click here for the download and instructions.

I am an owner of a resource and need to give others specific access to that resource.  How do I do that in Entourage?
Everyone can see if a resource is free or busy.  If you are the resource owner and  need to give permission to others to see and or modify details of a resource reservation, call the TSC at 419-372-0999 or fill out their online form to request this access.