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Calendar (Exchange) FAQs for OWA (Outlook Web Access)


 Can I grant share access my calendar via OWA?
No, this feature is only available with Outlook or Entourage.

 Can I view a shared calendar via OWA?

Yes, this page will help you open them.

 Can I create banners in Exchange?
Yes for both OWA Premium and OWA Light. Create a new appointment or meeting and select "All day event". Additionally, you can set that event to display as "Busy, Free, Tentative, or Out of Office" using the drop down box titled "Show time as:"

 Can I create reoccurring items?
Yes for both OWA Premium and OWA Light.  Create a new appointment or meeting and click the reoccurrence icon. A dialog box will appear giving you reoccurrence options.

 Can I change the color of meetings?
No for both OWA Premium and OWA Light.

 Can I delegate full control of my calendar?
No for both OWA Premium and OWA Light.

 Can I create multiple calendars?
Yes for both OWA Premium and OWA Light but the procedures vary. For both OWA clients, click on the Calendar icon in the navigation pane. For OWA Premium, under My Calendars, click Create New Calendar and enter a name for it in the text box. For OWA Light, click the Manage Calendars icon and use the form that is displayed in the right pane to create a new calendar folder with the name of your choice.

 Can I open my calendar in a new window?
Yes, use the File menu of  the browser you are using to open a new window.

 How do I import the BGSU Academic Calendar banners into my Exchange calendar?
To import banners into your BGSU Exchange Calendar, you will need to use an Exchange desktop client (e.g. Outlook, Entourage); it can't be done with Outlook Web Access (OWA).

 I am an owner of a resource and need to give others specific access to that resource.  How do I do that in OWA?
Everyone can see if a resource is free or busy.  If you are the resource owner and  need to give permission to others to see and or modify details of a resource reservation, call the TSC at 419-372-0999 or fill out their online form to request this access.