Getting a BGSU MyVPN Account


NOTE: The BGSU MyVPN is not accessible to all members of the BGSU community. It was implemented to provide limited administrative functionality to the faculty and staff at Bowling Green State University. To learn more, please see the BGSU MyVPN FAQs.

 1.  The supervisor of the employee needing access to the BGSU MyVPN will contact the Technical Support Center (TSC) to request the access :
           a. by filling out the online form below - or -
           b. by sending an email message with the information specified below to - or -
           c. by calling 419-372-0999

2.  The  Supervisor needs to provide the TSC with the following information for the individual requiring access:

Requester's Information
First and Last Name
Full Valid BGSU E-mail Address (e.g.
Phone Number (for contact purposes)
Purpose for BGSU MyVPN Access:
Supervisor Information
Supervisor's name:
Supervisor's e-mail address:
Supervisor's phone number:

3.  The Information Security Office will verify the account request.

4.  If account is valid, the account will be created. The client will then be notified that their BGSU MyVPN account is available and instructions will be provided.