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MyFiles Advanced File Upload: the Java Requirement


Below are links to assist you with the Java plugin requirement for MyFiles.

Java is required for several other applications at BGSU so you may already have this plugin installed.  If you do, you will see Java launch the first time you attempt to do an Advanced Upload after logging in to MyFiles.

Supported browsers and Java 2 applications required:



Java 2

Windows XP

Internet Explorer
use link within MyFiles on the Advanced Upload window to download the current version of Java

Mac OS X


Mac OS X
(Power PC)


**Note: Advanced Upload on MyFiles  on PCs requires the Java 1.5 or higher plugin.  This is also called Java Runtime Environment (JRE) release 5 (aka version 1.5).  

***Note: If you need to upgrade your Java plugin on a Mac, use this criteria to determine which link to use above.  MyFiles users on Mac OS X with newer systems built in 2006 or later are Intel-based systems.  Older systems are more likely to be PowerPC-based.