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My Class Schedule

Getting StartedMy Class Schedule Overview

Select Class Schedule from the other academic… list then click the Go (>>) button to navigate to the My Class Schedule page.  

On this page you can view your class schedule and class status.

You will navigate to the My Class Schedule page.

Your Display Option will default to the List View.

The List View will display the following characteristics:

Filter (Options) Button - This button will allow you to filter your class list to view only enrolled classes, dropped classes, or waitlisted classes.

Class Status - Are you Enrolled or are you on a Waitlist for the class?

Waitlist Position
- If you are waitlisted for the class this number shows where you are on the waitlist. NOTE : If there is a time conflict between a class you are enrolled in and a class on your wait list, the class on your wait list will be bypassed.

Units - How many units (credits) the class is worth.

Grading - Shows if the class is graded or for credit only.

This page also displays the Class Number, Section, Component (whether the class is lecture, lab, ect.), location of the class, the Day and Time of the class, who the Instructor is, and the Start and End Date for the class.

Notice the financial responsibilities agreement (FRA) at the bottom of the page. When you enroll in classes at BGSU, you assume full financial responsibility for the classes in which you enroll.

Note to right-click anywhere on the above page to print your schedule

Click the radio button in front of Weekly Calendar View.

From this page you can choose specific weeks and start and end times in which to view your class schedule.

Use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to view more information about your class schedule for the weekly view.