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Content Management (CM) Frequently Asked Questions


Accessing the Rhythmyx Server
What software needs to be installed to use Rhythmyx? 
Can I access the Rhythmyx servers off campus?
Can I add a CMS Server to my browser Favorites (PC) or to my browser Bookmarks (Mac)?
CMS supported browsers?

BGSU Templates
What is a Rhythmyx template?
Is any type of content permitted in slots on BGSU’s templates?
How are left nav side-bar links added to the template?
When would I set 'Always show subnav' to "yes" in the Generic Home Page or Generic Article editor? 
If I add a content item to a Left Nav bar that does not have a value for Left Nav Title in the content editor, what happens?  
Must I use images that match the dimensions specified?
How do I create images of the specific dimensions required?
Should I add a footer to the pages I create in the CMS?
Can I insert style sheets for my area into Rhythmyx?

Creating/Editing Content
What is the unique identifier for a content item created in Rhythymx?
Why should you search for content items in Rhythmyx before creating new items?
Why is it important to carefully consider the CMS name when new items are created?
How can you assign CMS names that will make searching the Rhythmyx database easier?
What is an External URL in Rhythmyx?
What are Link sub heads that appear after Generic Home page content is generated?
What is a Landing Page?
How can I use BGSU Forms and BGSU scripts on the Rhythmyx server?
Since Rhythmyx dynamically creates web pages, how do you know what URLs BGSU will use? 
Does the search engine in Rhythmyx accept either upper or lower case text? 
In Ephox EditLive!, why does the CMS link content type options not include ‘External Link’?
Can I cut and paste from Word, Excel or Powerpoint with Ephox EditLive!?
How do you create an email link?
How do you create HTML button that functions as a link, etc.?
How do you create an internal link and add a reference to it in a CMS link?
How do you create a CMS link that opens the document in a new page? 
How do I create a pop-up box?
What are the Rhythmyx defaults for Short title and Long title?
How can I identify required fields in a content editor?
When creating a CMS link within the body text, I see the content I need associated with several templates. Can I choose any of those?
What if I cannot access an item that needs to be edited?
What is the Related content (variant)?
Is there any shortcut to save time doing data entry?
What do those who are part of more than one community need to be aware of?
What if I want to add a CMS link to an item in a different community's area?

Error Handling/Recovery
What should I do if I create a content item using the wrong content editor?
What should I do if I have created content that someone else also has created?
What should I do if I made some error I cannot fix?
What if I spell a word wrong when assigning a CMS name?
What should I do if I encounter an internal system error or the Rhythmyx server goes down?
What setting should I modify in Internet Explorer so I can see Rhythmyx errors?
Why, when I’ve made a change and I preview the item, the change is not showing up?
If I see a content item that needs to be removed from the system, how can I get it purged?

What should I do if I inadvertently forward an item to the next stage in the workflow before it is done?
What should I do if I realize an item has been assigned the wrong workflow?
How will I receive notifications from Rhythmyx?

Publishing Web Pages
Is the Rhythmyx Server the same server where our web pages are posted?
Why don’t some of my sidebar links show up on my published page?
I've put content into the CMS but the link to it does not work on my published page. Please explain. 
What is the difference between Publish Now and To Pending?
What is the difference between Publish Now and Rush to Public?