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AECES - Exam Procedure


Drop Off Procedure

  • Exams will be stored in a secure filing cabinet until time is available for processing.
  • Only full time staff will process/review exam results.
  • When you go to the Technology Support Center at 110 Hayes Hall, you will need to sign-in to a log sheet and turn in the following:
    • The Academic Exam Processing form
    • The original answer key(s)
    • The original weight key (if applicable)
    • The original student completed answer sheets
      **photocopies will not be accepted**

Score Return Procedure

  • An email will be sent to the instructor once processing is completed.
    • The message will include a MyFiles link to the exam results.
    • This link is a secure way of transmitting this type of information and is only available to the directed contact.
    • For questions on how to use BGSU MyFiles, visit this page.
  • The exam results will only be accessible through this link for 14 days, so please be sure to save your file(s).
  • The file that you are downloading contains FERPA data and needs to be protected from unauthorized access.

Pick Up Procedure

  • After receiving the email with the exam results, please return to the TSC, 110 Hayes Hall to retrieve the answer sheets.
    • These will provide you an accurate record of each exam on file in case there is a question regarding a grade.
    • You will also want the answer sheets on hand in case a student has questions about the exam.
  • Sign-out on the log sheet verifying pick up.  Only the instructor, or designee, will be able to sign out the processed bubble sheets.

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