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AECES-Materials for Class Evaluations and Surveys


Recommendation for Approved Bubble Sheets
Departments who want Information Technology Services to score their class evaluations or surveys using the Sekonic SR-3500 Scanner should use an approved bubble sheet.

Please use the bubble sheet listed below for both the header sheet and the student’s answer sheet:

#6703 – Apperson 20140 - $37/500 pkg (Sample)
               120 question answer sheet with 
               10 choice alpha/numeric (1-10)

Apperson 29580 - $29.50/500 pkg (Sample)
                Combined bubble and question sheet
                Possible 60 Questions with Customization Options                
                PDF Templates and Directions

**prices are subject to change by vendor


Purchasing Bubble Sheets
Our contact for ordering is Penny Knuth at Apperson Education Products, Higher Education division. Ms. Knuth can be reached at 800-827-9219 Ext: 2430, by e-mail at or by fax at 800-321-8558.  In her absence, Chuck Conway at ext:1430, can also place orders.  Pcards may be used for the purchase. The BGSU customer number is #678856. BGSU departments should verify their ‘ship to’ address. In most cases, once the order is approved, please allow 2-3 work days for shipment.


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