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AECES - Class Evaluations and Surveys Preparation


Directions to Give to Students

Students completing class evaluations or surveys should be instructed as follows:

  • The Sekonic SR-3500 reads ONLY #2 pencil markings, not pen or permanent marker.
  • Darken the circle (bubble) that corresponds with the answer.
  • Mark only one answer per question.
  • Fill in each bubble completely. Do not mark in the margins or outside of the circles.
  • Make sure to fully erase any bubbles that are mistakenly marked or not the correct answer.

Note:  The scanner will skip an answer if the marking of the bubble is too light to detect or if more than one bubble is darkened.


Preparing What to Bring to the TSC 

Please bring:


 Completing the Header Sheet

On a blank #6703 bubble sheet, please fill out the information listed below so results can be labeled correctly.

  • In the Name grid, fill out the instructor's last name and fill in the corresponding bubbles. 
  • In the Identification Number grid (column A – J):
    • Use boxes A-D for the 4 digit Course code (use leading 0’s for lower codes)
    • Use boxes E-H for the 4 digit Section code (use leading 0’s for lower codes)
    • Either leave I & J blank or use for optional department reference
  • In the Special Codes grid (column K- P), fill in the 5 digit call number for the course, leaving P blank:

Grid Codes



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