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AECES - Class Evaluations and Survey Procedure


Drop Off Procedure

  • Class evaluations and surveys will be stored in a secure filing cabinet until time is available for processing.
  • Only full time staff will process/review class evaluation and survey results.
  • When you go to the Technology Support Center at 110 Hayes Hall, you will need to sign-in to a log sheet and turn in the following:
    • The Header Sheet (#6703 bubble sheet)
    • The original student completed #6703 bubble sheets
      **photocopies will not be accepted**

Data and Results Return Procedure

  • An email will be sent to the department contact once processing is complete.
  • The email will include two reports (samples provided):
    • Item Statistics Report – a department overall sample size, mean, variance, standard deviation and standard error for each question on the evaluation form.
    • Condensed Item Analysis Report– a department overall response, frequency, percent and mean for each question.
  • The email will also include the raw numeric data in excel (.xls) and text (.txt) format.  These files can be taken to the Center for Business Analytics for assistance with further data analysis.  Please refer to this site for more information:

Pick Up Procedure

  • After receiving the email with the evaluation results, please return to the TSC, 110 Hayes Hall to retrieve the answer sheets.
  • Sign-out on the log sheet verifying pick up.  Only the department contact, or designee, will be able to sign out the processed bubble sheets.
  • Evaluations will be held for 14 days for pick up.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

Sample of Reports for Data and Results

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