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The Search For Classes button is used to search for classes, within your chosen career and program, in which to enroll, as well as to browse the course catalog.

Click the Search For Classes button.  When the Search for Classes - Enter Search Criteria page appears, click the Browse Course Catalog tab.

You will be navigated to the Browse Course Catalog - Course List page.

The green box at the top of the page contains the letters A-Z.  Use this box to determine which subjects appear in the list.  If the first letter of a subject's abbreviation (such as ACCT) starts with the highlighted letter, that subject is shown.  In this example, since the A is highlighted, subjects such as ABR, ACCT, ACEN, and ACS are listed.  Click a different letter to choose another set of subjects.

The Course Attribute field is used to search for Web Based classes and BG Perspective (General Education) classes, for example.  The field values here identify characteristics about a class.

Click the Collapse All button to view Course Names only.

Click the Expand All button to view Course Numbers and Titles of Courses.  In this example, the Expand All button has been pressed, so course numbers and titles are displayed.

Click the vertical scroll bar to view additional course selections for that letter of the alphabet.

You can click the Course Title link to view detailed information about a course.

Information available on the Course Detail page includes Course Components, number of Units, Grading Basis, Enrollment Information, and a Description of the course.

You can get information about individual class sections by clicking the View Class Sections button.

You can also navigate back to the Course Catalog page by clicking the Return to Browse Course Catalog link.

When you click the View Class Sections button the Course Schedule section appears at the bottom of the Course Detail page.

This allows you to view the sections available, for a particular term, within the course from the course catalog.  Choose the term from the Terms Offered list then click the Show Sections button.

Near the top of this section you will see a partial listing of your current class schedule.  Click the Show All button to see it in full.  This may help you determine if a class you are considering will fit your schedule.

Information on this page includes Section numbers, Status, (i.e., Open, Closed, Wait List), Instructor, Meeting Dates, and Days and Times of class. There is also a Book List link that leads to a list of textbooks needed for a section of the class.

You may view more information about a particular section by clicking one of the Section links.  This takes you to the Class Details page for that section; return here by clicking the Return to Browse Course Catalog link.

When you find the class in which you wish to enroll, write down the class number that you see in parentheses.  For example, section 1001 is identified in the screen shot as "1001-LEC (74587)"; the class number is 74587.  You will need this number for the enrollment process.

When you click the Return to Browse Course Catalog link you will navigate back to the Course Catalog page.