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The Search For Classes button is used to search for classes, within your chosen career and program, in which to enroll.

Click the Search For Classes button.


Let's look at the Search for Classes - Enter Search Criteria page.

Notice the Search for Classes and Browse Catalog tabs.  Browse Catalog is described in another self-help page.

The field value for Institution will always default to Bowling Green State University.

The field value for Term will default to the appropriate term for current enrollment.  By clicking the drop-down arrow in the Term field you will be able to access additional term and class information to view past course offerings or plan future class schedules.

When using this search method you must use at least two fields for your search to be effective.

You can enter class specific information such as the Course Subject, Course Number, and Course Career to aid in selecting the appropriate class.  

Use the select subject button to assist you in selecting your Course Subject or if you know the Course Subject, simply type the Course Subject abbreviation, such as PSYC, in the Course Subject field.

The default value for the Course Career field is Undergraduate.  If you are searching for Graduate classes, this value must be changed to Graduate.

The default value for Campus field is Main Campus.  Other choices include Firelands Campus and Distance Learning.

Selecting the campus of Distance Learning allows you to search for only web based classes

The Course Attribute field can be used to search for BG Perspective (General Education) and Learning Community Classes for example.  The field values here identify characteristics about a class.

The Additional Search Criteria section, offers additional  search fields which allow you to search by Meeting Time, Day of Week, and Instructor Last Name.

After entering the appropriate search criteria, click the Search button to start the search.

A good rule to follow is to enter as much class information as you have for this search.  For example, if you have the class number, enter this number in the Class Nbr field.  Another good combination is Course Subject and Course Number.  If you know days and times you want to attend this class, enter that information in the Meeting Time and Day of Week fields.

If your search results are not satisfactory, click the Clear Criteria button to enter different search criteria.

The go to feature, which is available on most pages, offers another way to navigate back to the Student Center page.  Just click  drop-down arrow, make your page selection and click the blue arrow.









When you click the Search button you will navigate to the Class Search Results page.

Remember to always verify you are searching for classes with the correct term!

Near the top of the page you will see a partial listing of your current class schedule.  Click the Show All button to see it in full.  This may help you determine if a class you are considering will fit your schedule.

This page lists possible search results under the search parameters used.  A reminder at the top of the page lists the search criteria used in your current search.

A button is available to Start a New Search.

A legend follows in which the symbols for Open, Closed, and Wait List are defined.

If there are more than 3 sections offered click the View All Sections link to view all classes offered.

By clicking the link associated with the Section heading, you can drill down to view more detailed information regarding an individual class.

Pay close attention to the 4-digit section numbers.  1000 to 4999 are used by Main Campus undergraduate students, 5000 to 7999 are used by Main Campus graduate students, and 8000 and above are used by all Firelands students.

The 5-digit class number in parentheses within the Section heading is used to enroll in classes.   An example would be 74347 or 74349.

Use the vertical scroll button to view additional class selections.



When you click the link associated with the Section heading you will navigate to the Class Detail page.

Information on this page includes:

Begin/end dates of the class
Units (Credit Hours)
Meeting Information
Enrollment Information
Class Availability
Description (of Course)

To go back to the Class Search page click the View Search Results button and continue to search for classes.