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AECES - Class Evaluation Combined Bubble and Question Form


Apperson 29580 bubble sheet

The Apperson 29580 bubble sheet is a blank form that will allow users to combine the bubble and question sheets.  The form is customizable and can provide an option to permit a short response area for write-in questions.  Below are two PDF templates that can be filled in with either 60 questions or 30 question and space provided for short response questions on the back.

Available Templates

The two available templates for this form allow you to type in questions that will align with the bubble answer locations.  The first template will print numbers to line up with the bubble locations for questions 1 through 60.  The second template will print numbers to line up with the bubble locations for questions 1 through 30, leaving the back of the form blank for a written response section.  These forms can be modified in Adobe Acrobat, but please be aware that modifications can throw off the alignment of printing.

Printing the Templates onto Bubble Sheets

Two things need to be done to properly print a finished template onto the Apperson 29580 bubble sheets. 

1. Configure your device to perform 2-Sided Printing with a short edge flip.

  • In Adobe, select the file menu and print.
  • After selecting your printer, locate and press the Preferences button.
    • If you are using a Xerox Device on campus, the option will look like this:

    • If you are using a different kind of printer, you will need to locate the 2-Sided Printing Options, and change the flip options to short side or short edge.

2. Placing Paper in the Printer

Once you have selected a tray to use on the printer, the bubble sheets will need to be placed correctly.  The sheets should be placed face down with the number 31 in the lower right hand corner of the tray.  A test run is recommended.