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Personal Web Server


The server or host, called  personal , is a Unix-based web server that uses Apache software. Specifications for accounts on this system are as follows:

  • Personal accounts are available, free of charge, to all BGSU faculty and staff, and all current BGSU undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Each account has a full 15MB of space allotted.
  • Personal accounts are set up for FTP access only.
  • Personal accounts are for "personal" web pages only (ie: home pages, resumes, online portfolios, etc.) No server-side scripting (CGI, Perl, etc.) is available. Forms can be developed using a script developed locally called  BGSU Forms      .
  • Personal accounts may not be used for commercial, "for profit", use.

The base URL for the Personal server is .

To access the web pages for a specific account holder, use this web address: username

where 'username' is the account holder's username on personal. For example, if the account holder is Frieda Falcon and her user ID is "ffalcon", the base URL for her personal account would be

For additional information on Personal accounts and web publishing, please see: