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Quotas on the Personal Web Server


Every personal server account has a 15 MB disk quota. A quota describes the amount of disk usage and limits imposed. There is a limit on both the amount of disk space used and the number of files. An account is considered over quota if either limit is exceeded. The quota assigned to a personal account is a permanent quota, and we will not increase it for you. You can, however, check your quota using a form available on the web.

To check your quota on the personal server:

  1. Click on the link listed here:
  2. Enter your username on the personal server.
  3. Enter your password on the personal server.
  4. Click Submit.

    This is a sample of the output the form will generate:

     Disk Usage Statistics for falcon


    Disk Usage (kilobytes)

    Quota (kilobytes)

    No. of files

    File Quota