Technology Support Center

Obtaining a BGResearch Account


BGResearch is available to any Faculty and Staff who may need the server and its programs for research purposes and for running jobs that require long-running execution. Students may also receive accounts if they have a legitimate reason to use the machine for research. A faculty or staff member will need to vouch for them in order to receive an account.

If you are currently a member of BGSU's Faculty or Staff, you may request an account on BGResearch by sending an e-mail to including your full name and BGSU e-mail account name. You can also request an account in person by visiting the Technology Support Center with your BGSU ID. Faculty members can request accounts for students who need this access for research projects by contacting the Technology Support Center. If you are a student, the faculty or staff member who is vouching for you must contact the Technology Support Center to request an account for you. Your account will be created within 72 hours after a valid request is received. When your account is created, you will receive e-mail notification on how to access the account.

Your authentication password will automatically become your BGResearch password.