Wireless Connections


Setting Up the BGSU Wireless

Windows 7 or Vista  -  Windows XP  -  Mac OS X  -  Macintosh OS 9

    Generic Setup Information
SecureBG Wireless

    Configuration Requirements: 
        Service-Set Identifier (SSID) -- bgsu (lower-case; no quote marks)
        Wireless Equivalent Protocol (WEP) encryption -- disabled
        Wireless LAN adaptor compatible with BGSU's network --> 802.11b and/or 802.11g with a WiFi Certified logo on the package
        URL for wireless connection at BGSU --> https://wireless-auth.bgsu.edu
    Still Unable to Connect?
  • I was able to connect to the network, but I have no Internet Access.
  • I am not able to connect to the network.
    • Verify Wireless switch is on.
      • Many modern laptops have a switch or keyboard button to disable wireless.
      • Check your computer's guide for more information on where this might be.
    • Verify you are in a wireless area of BGSU's Campus

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wireless standard does Bowling Green State University support?

Bowling Green State University started with the 802.11b (11 Mb) standard for all wireless on campus and later adopted the 820.11g (54 Mb)  for all new installations. Currently we are upgrading many of our wireless locations to 802.11n (300Mb). 802.11n is backwards compatible with 802.11b 802.11g cards, but people with the older cards will only be able to connect at the slower speeds.
Why does my signal quality change from time to time?
Unlike the wired network wireless is greatly affected by its location, orientation of the antenna, and various electronics in that location. For example someone using a powerful enough microwave oven can take down an entire wireless network.
Why do i seem to loose my connection when I'm downloading music?
We do not allow peer to peer traffic on the wireless network. When PtP is detected from a device the connection is shut down.
The area I am in has wireless, but my connection only shows one or two bars. Is this a problem?
This is not necessarily a problem. The bars represent signal strength and with wireless signal quality is more important. It is very likely that even though your signal strength is very low or showing one bar that you are still connecting a the maximum speed. There is also an issue with the microsoft wireless driver that will show you having a much lower signal strength then you are receiving.
Why does the wireless network move slower than the wired?
Although 802.11N wireless can reach up to 300Mb/s it is still a shared connection. That means for every person using the wireless access point the speed goes down. Wired connections are dedicated bandwidth to each system and are recommended for any critical or bandwidth intensive traffic. The wireless network is not meant to replace the wired network. It is only an addition to it.
Can I use my own wireless access point in my office or Residence Hall room?
A: Only wireless access points installed and managed by BGSU ITS are permitted on the BGSU campus. Item 10 of the BGSU Information Technology Policy limits the Installation of wireless access points to those that are installed and managed by ITS.