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Passwords Self Help

This page contains information about changing your passwords for the many different services on campus. Note that many accounts below remain in sync with your BGSU Password.

Accounts that Sync with BGSU Password

  • BGSU Email
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • MyBGSU
  • MyFiles
  • OnBase
  • Personal Web Server
  • Pinnacle Customer Portal
  • Windows XP Log In
  • CSS
  • FMS

BGSU Password Information

Other BGSU Related Accounts

  • BGUnix and BG Research Account Password
  • Cashnet
    • For Student Access, Password is the same as BGSU Password.
    • For Parent Access, the student sets up the account.
      • Students should delete the old account and create a new account for parent if password is lost.
  • Classwork Account Password
  • ePortfolio
    You can log into ePortfolio either by clicking on the link in your MyBGSU Portal, or by logging in directly to Epsilen's Site.  Either way, the first time you log in, you will be prompted to create a password and security questions.  This password will not be synchronized with your MyBGSU Password.
    • Logging in directly to Epsilen's Site and Changing Your Password
      • Go to, being sure to replace the word "username" with your BGSU username, and click Login.
      • To change your password, select the "Change Password" option on the left while logged in.
      • If you do not know your password, select the "I forgot my password" link, you will need to answer one of the security questions you answered when you created the account.
  • Voicemail (Audix) Account Password