Android Setup


BGSU Mail Setup

To start setting up your Campus mail to an Android powered phone.  Make sure you have access to the Internet before you begin.  You will first need to start from the home screen and select the "menu" button to bring up the lower menu.

The menu should look like this, select the settings button.  

The settings list will come up, you will need to select "Accounts" from the list that shows up.  Depending on your model, this might be called either simply "Accounts" or "Accounts & sync"

You will brought to a listing of all of your current accounts.  Select the "Add account" button as shown above, which should be at the bottom of your screen.

You will be brought to a list of possible accounts.  You will need to select the option for exchange.  Depending on your phone this might simply be called "Exchange Server" but it also could be named one of the following as listed above or several others.  These names include "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync," "ActiveSync," "Corporate Sync," and "Corporate." 

You will next be asked to enter your email address and password.  If you have an button that says "Manual Setup" select that now, otherwise enter your information and select the "Next" or "Okay" button.

The images above show all possible text boxes and check boxes during the next step.  Your phone will likely not have everything in both pictures, but everything listed on your phone will be shown above.  Make sure you enter your BGSU Username in place of the word "User" when shown above, and enter your bgsu password.

If these settings return an error, try replacing "bgsu\user" with "\user" in the box labeled "Domain\Username."

Once the account has finished setup, your phone will ask you which services you would like to sync to your phone.  If you are given the option for email, make sure you leave that one on.  Contacts and Calendar will sync to your phone if you want as well.