FalconMail Check List


Starting January 31st 2012, all users who have been migrated to the FalconMail System will no longer be able to access their mail located on the BGSU Email System.

  This page will outline the steps those who have been migrated to FalconMail need take before January 31st 2012.  If you are actively receiving mail in both BGSU Email and  FalconMail, you do not need to take these steps.  If you are unsure which category to fall under, consult this list.

  • Migrating Information
  • Office Accounts and Shared Calendars
    • If you work in an office that uses an Office Email Account, Office Calendar, or if you access another user's calendar, the way you access that account will change.
    • Open this page, and select the tab labeled "Launch Office Account Via Web"
    • The page will ask if you are opening an entire account or just a calendar.  Use the calendar only boxes if you are opening another user's calendar.
    • Enter the username of the user or office account in the appropriate box and select the open button next to the box.
    • You will be taken to a log in screen, enter your BGSU Username and BGSU Password.
    • The account will now be open.  Bookmark this page before clicking on any links.  (Guide)
    • This bookmark will now take you directly into the account.
  • Account Settings
    • If your mail was being forwarded to an off campus account, you will need to set that forward back up in FalconMail. (Guide)
  • Software and Mobile Setup
    • If you were using an email client like Outlook or Entourage to check your messages, you will need to add FalconMail.  (Guides)
    • If you were using your phone or mobile device to check your email, you will need to add Falconmail. (Guide)

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