Connecting Your Device through Ethernet


Adding a Device

The following information will assist you with setting up your personal device on the BGSU network through an ethernet cord.  Before we begin, be sure to plug your device into an active ethernet port.

First, we will need to determine the MAC or Physical Address of your device.  If you are using a laptop or a desktop computer, you can skip this step.  The following guides will help you locate the MAC address if you are using a gaming device:

Xbox 360 - Nintendo Wii  - Playstation 3


Next, we will need to open the BGSU Network Registration Page (  This page should come up by default on any device that has not yet been registered.  You will be asked to accept the BGSU Network Policy before continuing, select "Accept" at the bottom of the page if you agree to move on.  (Screen Shot)


Once you have accepted the agreement, you will need to sign into the NetReg page.  This login will be your BGSU Username and Password, exactly the same as you would use to log into MyBGSU.  (Screen Shot)


Now that you have signed in you will be taken to a page to register your device.  If you have this screen open on the machine you are trying to register, simply press the "Detect" button next to the box labeled "MAC Address."  If you are registering a different device enter the MAC Address into the box.  Enter a description of which device this is you are trying to register and then select the operating system or device type from the drop down menu.  Once the information is all filled in, select the blue "Register" button.  (Screen Shot)

You should now see a message letting you know your registration was successful.  You just need to restart the device to gain access to the Internet.  (Screen Shot)



Removing a Device

To remove a device you have already registered, simply log back into the BGSU Network Registration Page (  Once you have logged in, you will have a list of all of your registered devices at the bottom of the page.  You can remove any of them at the time by selecting delete.  (Screen Shot)