New Student Technology FAQ


The Technology Support Center is dedicated to providing all our on-campus students with the information they will need to strive at Bowling Green State University. Frequently, new students will come to us with questions about their different technology needs. On this page are frequently asked questions (FAQ) from new students and parents alike.


Do I have to have a computer?

Computers are not a requirement at BGSU, but most students choose to bring one.  If you choose to not have a computer at campus, there are computer labs in every residence hall and small-group house. For more information about these labs, click here.


What type of computer should I get?

The bookstore offers a guide on buying a computer to bring to BGSU based on the recommendations of Technology Support Center and each of the academic departments.  Pick something you are comfortable with using.
If you are concerned about getting hardware issues repaired, it is advised to go with an Apple, Dell or HP computer, as the department that resolves those issues does not work on other brands of computers.


What does my computer need to get connected to the BGSU network?

Computers can be connected to the network either with a wired or wireless connection. Any desktop computer purchased today will have the capabilities for the wired connection, and any laptop will have the capabilities for at least the wireless connection if not the wired as well.

It is highly recommended that students connect to the wired network while in their room, as the wired connection is faster, more reliable, and more secure.

We recommend that student's purchase cables that are at least 25 feet in length. This is because it is prohibited for students to run cables in their rooms across the floor or ceiling.

At this time, there is no specific software required to connect to the network.


Is the BGSU campus fully wireless?

At this time the campus is not fully wireless. For an interactive map of the BGSU campus buildings and surroundings that are wireless, click here.

For our complete page about the BGSU wireless, click here.


Can I connect my game system to network?

Game consoles,  DVR devices and other Internet ready devices can be connected to the network, but the quality of use cannot be guaranteed. If you are able to locate the MAC or Physical Address, you can register the device with instructions located here.