Below is information regarding LISTSERV. There are links to documents and websites to assist you with your LISTSERV problem.

BGSU's LISTSERV Processor -->
Address to use to send messages to your subscribers -->

Web interface for list owners and list subscribers -->   (First time log on instructions)

Request a New LISTSERV

LISTSERV Frequently Asked Questions...

Why am I receiving 2 copies of a message from a LISTSERV?
You are probably subscribed under both forms of your BGSU email address, e.g. and The LISTSERV interprets these as different addresses in a list of subscribers.

I am a LISTSERV owner and want to subscribe everyone in my group to the LISTSERV.  How can I add several subscribers at one time?
Use these instructions:       Windows XP        Mac OS X

Can a LISTSERV be a subscriber to another LISTSERV?
Yes, if you have a LISTSERV already set up for a certain group and all of those members need to be subscribed to another LISTSERV, you can add the email address of the LISTSERV ( as a subscriber.

What is the max size of an attachment sent out?
1 Megabyte.

LISTSERV Quick Reference Guides...

LISTSERV User Guides for List Subscribers

LISTSERV User Guides for List Owners