Below is information about MyFiles, a secure network file storage system powered by Xythos that allows clients to upload, access, store, retrieve and share files using a web browser.  Click on the links below for step-by-step instructions.  

BGSU's Xythos file share -->
File share quota (personal space) --> 1 GB (1,024 MG)

Version 7.1...

MyFiles Accounts, Preferences, Disk Quota and Help...

  • MyFiles Accounts are available to all BGSU Faculty, Staff and Students who have a BGSU e-mail account.
  • In Setup, you can change your Time Zone and Date/Time Style; other preferences cannot be modified.   
  • You can view your disk quota and available space in the bottom grey bar of your home directory.
    Note: Everything in folders including what is in the trash folder counts against your quota.
  • Help on the navigation bar at the top of the page opens the help files.
  • Users will have access to their account as long as they are able to access their BGSU Email.
    • Students will have access for 500 Days after Graduation.
    • Students who do not graduate will have access for 90 days.
    • Faculty and Staff who retire will have access forever.
    • Faculty and Staff who leave the university will have access for 90 days or department discretion.

Uploading files and folders...

  • Any MyFiles client can use the Upload icon on the Navigation Toolbar to upload one or more files or folder.  You can choose between a Basic Upload and an Advanced Upload. with the Advanced Upload, you can drag and drop files and folders before you click on a Start Upload button. The Advanced Upload, however, requires that you have a Java plugin installed. The first time you attempt to use Advanced Upload, you will have to approve a certificate indicating that you want to run the Upload Applet. After you use an upload type, the Upload icon will assume you want to continue to use that upload type but will give you an option to switch back. 
  • Any MyFiles client can upload a directory as a zip file and unzip it by opening it on MyFiles.
  • Any MyFiles client can select a file or folder, right-click (PC) or cntrl-click (Mac) and select 'Save to Desktop' to download content from MyFiles.
  • Any MyFiles client can select one or more files or folders, right-click (PC) or cntrl-click (Mac) and select 'Save to Zip File' to get a zipped file of the item or items requested.
  • Internet Explorer for Windows (PC) clients have a Launch Web Folder icon on their Navigation Toolbar can be used to create a web folder that looks like a desktop folder.  In a web folder, you can drag-and-drop files and folders.
  • The Mac equivalent of Web Folders is described in  Using your Xythos Account on a Mac.  The path you will enter at BGSU is

File and Folder Management...

Sharing Files and Folders...

  • Sharing Files or Folders by default is with Users that have MyFiles Accounts unless you create a Contact or Group first or use a Ticket to change that.
  • Using Tickets to Share a File or Folder in MyFiles (replaces attachments on the email system).  You must use a ticket if the user does not have a MyFiles account.
  • Although it appears that you can share files and folder with the Public, that option is not permitted on BGSU's MyFiles server.
  • Emailing a Link to a Shared File or Directory in MyFiles  Note: Messages sent from MyFiles are issued from a built-in web mail server - not the BGSU email system.  If you want to keep a copy of messages you send from MyFiles, you should send a copy of the message to yourself.
  • Locking Files and Folders prevents others who have write access from editing until the lock is released or it expires.

Using Bookmarks, Subscriptions, Contacts and Groups...

  • Bookmarks can be created as a shortcut to a directory in your account you use frequently or a directory in another user's account you have permission to access.
  • Subscriptions can be created to notify you via e-mail when a file or directory has been viewed, changed or commented.  You can also view or cancel existing subscriptions.
  • Set up Contacts and Groups so you can share files with them.  Search users by Display Name (e.g. Freddy Falcon) or ID (e.g. ffalcon)
    Note: Searches only display 50 results. If you can't find the person's entry and you are getting that many results, you will need to refine your search.

Using Advanced Features...

  • A Dropbox can be created when you want to manage the submission of documents so the user has a certain window of time when documents are accepted and he/she cannot modify or remove the document once it is submitted.
  • Get Subscription, Ticket, Workflow, Click the Reports & Tools tab to 
  • A Workflow can be created for a file or folder so you can define a process and track your documents using simple routing (e.g. for review, for approval or just for notification).  You will modify a workflow template to define your approval process.

MyFiles FAQs...