Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Email System


Steps Toward a Unified Email System  - Completed October 2013

Phase three of the Unified Communications (UC) project has brought all BGSU email accounts (@bgsu.edu and @falcon.bgsu.edu) into one unified cloud-based system.  

Steps Completed

  • dual account holders have transitioned to one account 
  • previous FalconMail users have become Unified BGSU (cloud-based) email users
  • faculty, staff, and graduate student email accounts have been moved to the Unified BGSU (cloud-based) email system.  
  • all account holders have transitioned to Wave 15 of the email software
Project Overview    [ more ]

Expanding and Upgrading Services for the University Community

Beginning in April 2013, the University will begin bringing its two email systems – @BGSU.edu and @falcon.bgsu.edu (FalconMail) – together into one cloud-based system.

The changes, which will be completed by November 2013, will offer significant improvements and access to more features.

The Benefits

  • Faculty, staff, students, retirees and alumni will all be in the same email system.
  • Students, faculty and staff will be in the same calendar system.
  • Email storage capacity will increase from 1.5 gigabytes to 25 gigabytes.
  • Access to Skydrive will provide 7 gigabtyes of storage capacity and the ability to access files from tablets and phones.
  • Access to Microsoft Office Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note) from any web browser.

The move to the new cloud-based system will occur through a series of steps.

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Student / @bgsu.edu users     [ more ] 
  • Prior to July 27 faculty, staff, and student email accounts were a part of an Exchange email system hosted by BGSU.
  • Starting July 27 faculty, staff, and graduate student email accounts were migrated to the cloud in a phased approach.
  • Each affected faculty, staff, and graduate student received notice by email of the date they were being moved.
  • Email address and password did NOT change.
  • With the completion of this migration
    • ALL students, faculty, staff retirees and alumni will be in the same email system - 72,000 persons total.
    • Each person will have 25 gigs of email quota.
Students / Unified Email users (Previous FalconMail users)     [ more ]

Student FalconMail accounts moved to the new cloud based system in May. FalconMail users have become Unified BGSU email users and should be aware of the following:   

Email Login Page is:  https://www.outlook.com/bgsu.edu

Email Address is:  user@bgsu.edu

To configure mobile device and desktop client for Unified BGSU email:  Reference these guides

Sky Drive may be accessed at:  http://skydrive.live.com/  - login using old @falcon.bgsu.edu email address

Messages sent to a user's old FalconMail address (@falcon.bgsu.edu) will be delivered to the account holder's Unified BGSU email account.

Following the May upgrade, students will experience one final transition in order to utilize the most recent version of the software. Following this transition, SkyDrivePro will be available to students.

Previous Dual Account Holders    [ more ]

Users who have both an @bgsu.edu email and a falcon@bgsu.edu email account have transitioned to one account.  This part of the email unification has been completed as of May 1, 2013. 


Former FalconMail users will be able to access their SkyDrive material by going to skydrive.live.com and using their previous FalconMail login (user name@falcon.bgsu.edu).  These users should also note that after May 1 a change to their BGSU password will no longer sync to a change in their SkyDrive password.



PhaseServices ImpactedDates
Phase 1Upgrade Network SwitchesFebruary through March 2013 - Completed
Phase 2Replace Voicemail SystemMarch 2013 - Completed
Phase 3Unified Email SystemApril through October 2013 - Completed
Phase 4Telephone UpgradesMay through November 2013 - completed
Phase 5Enhance 911May through December 2013
Phase 6Call CentersSeptember - November 2013 - completed
Phase 7WebExTBD
Future PhasesVoicemail to Email.
Instant Messaging