Unified Communications (UC)

UC Phase Five - Enhance 911

Why: Implementation of a more advanced system will provide better location information for cellular calls while also allowing better collaboration and support with the Wood County Sheriff's office.  
When: Summer-Fall Semester 2013 - In Progress
What: Replace existing 911 system a system that provides better integration to Wood County system.
How: ITS is working with BGSU Public Safety, Wood County Sheriff’s Office, and Netech (consultants) for the integration.
Impact: Users will not need to do anything different.

PhaseServices ImpactedDates
Phase 1Upgrade Network SwitchesFebruary through March 2013 - completed
Phase 2Replace Voicemail SystemMarch 2013 - completed
Phase 3Unified Email SystemApril through October 2013  - completed
Phase 4Telephone UpgradesMay through November 2013 - completed
Phase 5Enhance 911May through Decemberr 2013
Phase 6Call CentersSeptember-November 2013 - completed
Phase 7WebExTBD
Future PhasesVoicemail to Email.
Instant Messaging