Unified Communications (UC)

UC Phase Seven - WebEx

Why: Conducting a Web-Ex meeting allows for greater flexibility in meeting options.  It is possible to quickly meet and have access to content from wherever a user has access to a computer and Internet connection. Implementing this UC service will foster more efficiencies and greater collaboration.
When: TBD
What: Enabling WebEx will allow BGSU employees to conduct remote meetings while having face to face communication..
How: Cisco WebEx will provide users the ability to create these meetings “on the fly”. Training and documentation will be a part of this phase of the project.
Impact: Users will need to become familiar with the system's features and learn how to use the system.

PhaseServices ImpactedDates
Phase 1Upgrade Network SwitchesFebruary through March 2013 - completed
Phase 2Replace Voicemail SystemMarch 2013 - completed
Phase 3Unified Email SystemApril through October 2013  - completed
Phase 4Telephone UpgradesMay through November 2013 - completed
Phase 5Enhance 911May through December 2013
Phase 6Call CentersSeptember - November 2013 - completed
Phase 7WebExTBD
Future PhasesVoicemail to Email.
Instant Messaging