How Faculty Help Save Students Money 
Learn how faculty can save students money on textbooks by clicking on the link above for details.

Faculty Book Adoptions
Department Coordinators can click on the appropriate campus link below to enter their instructor's text selections. By entering the term, course and call numbers the Department Coordinators can access past term book history. If the same text is being reused a simple click will ensure the accuracy needed. When the adoption is received by the Bookstore, an automatic response is sent back to the Department Coordinator. The response states the class the adoption was for, the ISBN, Title, Author, and whether the book is required or optional. The online adoption process is the easiest and most accurate way to send in the next terms text requests.

BG Campus                Firelands Campus

Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Section 133 
Ensures students have access to affordable course materials by decreasing costs and enhancing transparency and disclosure. Encouraging all of the involved parties to work together to identify way to decrease the cost of college textbooks.

Bowling Green Book Information Contacts
For more information about books for your classes please contact:
Steve Overholt    soverho@bgsu.edu    419.372.7780

Firelands Book Adoption Form
Please fill out book adoption form and submit to:
Bonnie Lindsley, BGSU Firelands Bookstore Manager
Email: blindsl@bgsu.edu
Fax: 419-372-0698

Faculty Center Network 
The FCN provides a one-step resource for faculty to review textbooks and make informed decisions about textbook adoptions. Faculty can search or browse the bibliographic database of over 225,000 titles, review detailed information about the book, and create an adoptions list from the site.

Faculty Authors
The BGSU Bookstore has a wide selection of BGSU Faculty Authors. Located on the second floor in the general book section, you can find a wide variety of titles from the sciences, to popular culture, to history. The Bookstore is pleased to offer these titles that represent terrific faculty that we have here on campus, and we are always looking for new titles.

Digital Books
The BGSU Bookstore has been participating in the digital textbook program or eBooks since August, 2005. They are sold for less than the new book price. The percentage off varies by publisher, 20 to 35% less than new, but are generally around the price of a used book. "Universal Digital Textbooks” or eBooks are listed as an option when available on the student’s booklist. Not every title is available in the digital format, but new titles are added to the format all the time. They can be purchased in store or on line through the bookstore’s web site. We are pleased to have the opportunity to participate in this program because of the potential opportunity to lower the high cost of textbooks for BGSU students by offering the digital textbook alternative.

Textbook Rentals
The BGSU Bookstore was the first in Ohio to offer the rental textbooks in the spring of 2008. In addition to new, used, and eBooks, rental textbooks are now offered on a semester by semester basis.

In store rental books are rented at up to 70% off the new book price, saving the student up front out of pocket expense. Students can highlight in the books as if they owned them and intend to sell at buyback. When the book is returned by the due date, in good condition, there is no other cost. Failure to return by the due date, or return in unusable condition, the student is then liable for a replacement book. Please click on the heading Textbook Rentals for additional information.

Contact the Course Materials Manager, Steve Overholt, at BGSU Bookstore with any questions you may have concerning text rental. 419-372-7780 soverho@bgsu.edu