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Buying Books

We sell books new, used and some are available as rentals. In addition to textbooks, there are study guides, lab books, course packs, bundles, clickers, and eBooks.

The BGSU Bookstores now offer a service called BGSUChoose which allows students to compare the Bookstore’s prices to the prices of five online competitors.  This web page also allows a student order a textbook from any source directly without leaving the page and reentering any book information.  To learn more Click Here.

Books and other course materials may be purchased at the BGSU Bookstore in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, or ordered online from the bookstore for home delivery or store pickup For more information Click Here.

The easiest way to order your books after registering for classes is to go to https://my.bgsu.edu/, pull up your class schedule, and click on the buy books button at the top of the page.

125% Price Match Guarantee

  • Textbooks must be purchased from BGSU Bookstore within the last 60 days.
  • A valid BGSU Bookstore cash register receipt and the book must accompany all refund requests. 
  • Customer has until the last day of full refund return date for the term to apply for price guarantee refund. 
  • Price guarantee does not include course packs, custom publications or materials other than textbooks. 
  • Limit one refund guarantee per customer, per title. 
  • Guarantee applies to same title, ISBN, author, edition, and condition (new or used). 
  • Guarantee applies to regular posted retail price and does not include coupons, online textbook sellers or incidental sources such as flea markets, garage sales, and inter-student exchanges.
  • Textbooks must be for current semester and immediately available at bookstores in Bowling Green or Huron, OH. 
  • All efforts will be made to verify competitor's price as quickly and effectively as possible. Allow 72 hours for verification of refund amount
  • Click Here to download the form.

Textbook Tax Credit

Course Materials Now Qualify for Tax Credit. Tuition and fees incurred in 2009 and 2010 not covered by scholarships or grants may be claimed as a tax credit on that year's tax return! You must keep record of your expenses to be eligible!!

Details at www.textbookaid.org and www.irs.gov/recovery

Textbook Buyback

We buy books back from students daily. For more Information Click Here.

All proceeds of the BGSU Bookstore are returned to students by supporting many campus organizations and activities, sponsorships, partnerships, book loans, scholarships and grants.