Faculty Can Help Students Save!

BGSU Faculty can join in the effort to save students money by considering the many options available when selecting and requesting the course materials for classes. The role of the faculty member is CRITICAL to helping students save based upon the type of textbooks selected, when a book request is placed (affects buyback prices and used book supply) or by committing to use a book for more than one semester. (Percentage savings are all compared to the cost of buying a new book.) If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Faculty can save students more over the cost of buying a new textbook by utilizing many new options available:

Guaranteed Buyback - Save 50%-75%

If a faculty member can commit to just ONE additional semester of use for a textbook, the Bookstore can guarantee to buy the title back at the best price to the student, lowering the net cost of ownership*.

Price Comparison

Students save money when they compare prices online by clicking the "Book List" button located at the top of the page on their class schedule.

Price Match Guarantee

The BGSU Bookstore guarantees to match textbook prices in Bowling Green or will pay students 125% of the validated price difference.

Multiple Editions

If a faculty member is willing to allow students to use more than one edition of a textbook, it can extend the used book supply, provide lower price alternatives, and give students additional choices.

Reconsider Bundles

Faculty can reduce the student’s net cost of ownership* by reconsidering request of a “bundle” or “package” that is comprised of a textbook and other materials. While the up-front savings are promoted as a benefit to the student, bundles disrupt the used book process and may actually increase the student’s investment.

Bookstore Classifieds

The Bookstore now offers a free service that allows students to buy from/sell to other students via a web-based program, by-passing the Bookstore and other resellers.

Textbook Rentals - Save up to 70%

Every title used is considered for textbook rental. Working with textbook wholesalers, we have been able to rent approximately a third of the titles used in a recent term. Additional titles are also available for rent on the BGSU Choose Price Comparison affiliates.

eTextbooks - Save 10%-50%

The savings will depend upon the specific title, but electronic versions of textbooks can save students money over the price of a printed book.

Free eBooks - Save 100%

Select titles available for rights-free and fee-free download from the BGSU Bookstore web site.

Used Books - Save 25%- 75%

Faculty making book requests as early as possible, but before the end of the semester, DIRECTLY impact the availability of used books which come primarily from two sources – student buyback and the national marketplace. Both are affected by timing and operate on a “first come first served” basis.

* The Net Cost of Use is an extremely important consideration when evaluating the savings a student can realize on the purchase or rental of a textbook and is directly impacted by the faculty book request process. For example:

Student A RENTS a textbook and pays just 40% of the new book selling price, saving 60% up-front, but getting nothing back when the book is returned at the end of a semester, so the net cost is 40% of new.

Student B BUYS a used book at 75% of the new price with an initial savings of 25%, but is then able to sell it back and receive the maximum buyback value of 50% based upon a timely faculty book request, has now reduced their net cost of use to just 25% of the new textbook price.