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Bookstore Opt-In Financial Aid

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How the Opt-In program can save you money

Using the Opt-In program, there is no need to wait for your refund. You can use up to $700 of your excess financial aid each semester to reserve your books with the Bookstore before classes start, giving you first access to rental and used books. Students may also purchase supplies, computers, technology products and any course materials needed with these funds.

Rollover and Bookstore Bucks

If you chose to use Rollover, any unused Opt-In financial aid funds can be rolled over onto Bookstore Bucks, a sub-account of the BG1 Card for exclusive use at any of the BGSU Bookstores. Money transferred to Bookstore Bucks can be used to pay for any merchandise or services at any BGSU Bookstore (including online) and has no expiration date.

To use the Bookstore Bucks Rollover Service, simply enter an amount up to $700 at the bottom of the Opt-In page under “Rollover Excess Financial Aid to BG1 Card”.

How to Opt-In

  • Log on to MyBGSU
  • Go to the “Financial” section in the left navigation
  • Click “Bookstore Opt-In Program”
  • Read through the instructions, and then check the box to “Opt-In” to the program
  • Click the SAVE button
  • When the Opt-In program begins, you will receive a letter in your e-mail stating if you are eligible for the program, need to complete a step, or if you are not eligible due to a lack of funds in your account.
  • Next, you MUST place your order online through the BGSU Bookstore using the Early Bird Textbook Reservation Service or make in-store purchases before the deadline date. Financial Aid is only available to utilize during the date range listed on the Opt-In page. Choose “Financial Aid” as the payment type when you order.

Early Bird Textbook Reservation Service

The Early Bird Textbook Reservation Service allows you to order your books online through the BGSU Bookstore.  Beat the back to school rush by ordering before classes start.  The Bookstore will fill your order and have it ready for pick up when you return to campus for the next semester. Click here to view your book list using our price comparison service.

Click Here to view the Opt-In screen that the student will see within MyBGSU to Opt-In to the program. It is important to read these instructions and the requirements to be eligible for the program. *Dates on this page are subject to change.

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