The BGSU Bookstore offers paid part-time Internships & Cooperative Education Experiences. In order to offer the best experience possible the Bookstore offers a professional work environment, and is flexible in order to accommodate each student's scheduling needs.

Visual Communications & Marketing Specialist Read more


While working at the BGSU Bookstore you will have the opportunity to develop professional level, portfolio worthy, graphic design elements, printed media products, produce original digital content, as well as assisting with the production & maintenance of web-based content.

Why Work Here?


  • The Bookstore offers students the opportunity to refine their design, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills as well as real professional experience.
  • While working with the Bookstore students will work on projects that result in a vast amount of portfolio quality pieces.
  • Students have the opportunity to gain experience and grow in all areas of VCT
  • The Bookstore offers flexible work hours based on each student’s course schedule
  • Student work is displayed proudly on campus, in local newspapers and media, and on the web.
  • Work with students and staff that share a passion for developing effective marketing materials.



  • Development of graphic design (elements) for BGSU Enterprise Services (Bookstore & BG1 Card) to be applied across multiple media in support of marketing & promotions, public relations, and other visual communication goals
  • Design & prepare media specifically for electronic applications, including web pages, targeted marketing & mass email distribution using Bookstore's "Events That Matter" permission marketing service
  • Assist with production & maintenance of web-based content such as web pages utilizing BGSU Content Management System and e-commerce/transactional platform, as well as social media
  • Produce or assist with coordinating production of printed media, including use of large format printer for signage, posters, and display boards, as well as flyers, brochures, reports, display advertisements, or direct mailers
  • Produce original digital content using digital 35 mm SLR camera as well as digital video and research electronic media content from vendor sources (i.e. Apple, Amazon, Verizon), the public domain, or commercial
  • Provide leadership to Bookstore and BG1 Card professional and student staff related to visual design to maintain quality and consistency of visual presentation design, public communication, and promotional marketing effectiveness.
  • Assist with organization and maintenance of files, media, and projects to maintain ease of access using a universal system and contemporary techniques such as searching meta data
  • Assist with other duties as assigned, including marketing, promotional, or related events such as campus open house programs and support of operational areas of the Bookstore during peak periods on an as needed basis.



  • At least junior class standing, VCT major or similar (professional portfolio is required)
  • Proven skills and abilities with use of design software, including the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as Microsoft Office Professional productivity software
  • Demonstrates a passion and enthusiasm for visual design, as well as creativity and an orientation towards innovation and problem-solving
  • Professional written and verbal communication skills and the ability to interact well with customers, internal clients, colleagues, and the general public
  • Self-motivated and responsible with the ability to act independently, take initiative, and achieve results, often with little direct supervision
  • Proven consistent and reliable attendance, excellent academic and work references, and evidence of accomplished project or other leadership experiences

Schedule & Compensation

  • Part time internship and co-op opportunities available for a minimum of one full academic semester, with renewal options based upon performance and need
  • Minimum work schedule of 20 hours per week required, with majority of availability to work within normal business hours. Exceptions include peak or slow periods and special events, when the schedule can vary more or less based upon actual need
  • This is a paid work experience that closely emulates a real world career environment, but with the convenience and familiarity of the BGSU campus environment and then opportunity for a wide variety of portfolio-building opportunities
  • Rate of pay is $10.30 per hour

Application ProcessRead more

  • Applications should include a professionally produced resume stating career goals and outlining academic, work, or other experiences directly related to this position.
  • This position is registered with the Office of Co-op Education in the College of Technology. Students from the College of Technology should turn applications and resumes in to that office.
  • Students from other BGSU Colleges may also be welcome to apply and should use the WorkNet online database system managed by BGSU Career Services to submit credentials.
    Application deadlines will be clearly posted in the applicable employment system above.
  • After the credentials received by the posted deadline have been reviewed, selected students will be contacted and asked to participate with an in-person interview.
  • Students granted an interview are required to bring a professionally produced portfolio representing their best work and relate this work directly to the position’s expected duties and responsibilities.

The final hiring decision will be made and an offer of employment extended only after all interviews have been conducted and the results have been reviewed.



The BGSU Bookstore is an awesome place to fulfill any one of your co-op experiences. While working at the Bookstore I was able to gain valuable professional experience and granted me the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects including web design & development, print production, graphic design and online marketing. Working on a wide range of projects allowed me to accumulate several pieces for my portfolio. The BGSU Bookstore Co-Op is an excellent opportunity for any student looking to gain experience and build your portfolio.

Steven Liechty, Class of 2013

During my time as a Visual Communication Technology major at Bowling Green State University, I had the pleasure of completing not one but two of my co-ops at the BGSU Bookstore. In addition to the real-life work experience and the portfolio pieces I gained from this co-op, it also taught me a number of valuable skills that I still use on a daily basis running my own company, Danazyne; such as time management and how to interact with clients throughout the design process. If you're looking for a more hands-on experience and an awesome opportunity to strengthen your portfolio - I highly recommend you apply to work with the BGSU Bookstore.

Dana Bower, Class of 2009