Financial Management Solution (FMS)

FMS Approver Information


FMS: Purchasing Overview
This course introduces participants to the options for purchasing goods and services.

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Meet Your FMS Chartfields
This program is the second in the Introductory Financial Management Solutions Training series. This course introduces participants to the chartfields that are used within FMS.

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Online Budget Administrator Training - UPK
FMS User Productivity Kit (UPK) Budget Administrator Training
This course offers online training for Logging into FMS
Creating a Budget Overview and Accessing a Budget Inquiry (Budgets)
Approving, Recycling and Denying a Requisition (Worklist)
Viewing a Report, Creating and Running a Report to list LOW Requisitions (Reports)
Checking Approval on Document Status (Requisitions)

Customizing the Budget Transfer Lines, Creating a Budget Transfer and Journal Entry and Approving a Journal Entry (Budget Administrator)


Budget Management Manual
(this manual is currently being produced, and will be posted when completed)

FMS Reports Manual (PDF)

FMS Role Assignment (Excel)

FMS Security Forms

FMS Alternate Workflow Approver Form (PDF)

BGSU Statement of Ethical Use of BGSU PeopleSoft Systems

Excel plug-in for nVision report viewing

In order to use the "drill down" features available in FMS Reports, users will need to have Excel plug-in installed on their machine.  nVision is a reporting tool that is an extension of Microsoft Excel.  

Any user who needs to install the plug-in in order to use nVision may do so by following the instructions provided below, or may request to have a TSS install the software on their machine by calling the Technology Support Center (TSC) at 2-0999 and submitting a request for a ticket to do so.

    • Plug-in instructions for Windows XP
    • Plug-in instructions for Macintosh OS X