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Marketable Skills for Teacher Candidates

Maintain a high grade point average. Grade point average often reflects dedication, tenacity and work ethic in the opinion of school hiring officials. However, it is only one criteria among several to be considered when hiring candidates.

Gain relevant experience in the teaching field.

Hiring officials consider candidates by the amount of breadth and depth of experience and variety of age groups in which you have had experience. Consider working with children of various ages by being a camp counselor, swimming instructor, tutor, working with the handicapped, etc.

Work experience is favorable.

Work experience in addition to educational experience often reflects maturity, ability to handle multiple responsibilities, experience with various populations, etc.

Become certified in more than one teaching field.

This is extremely important in today's job market. Try receiving dual certification in early childhood, kindergarten, special education, comprehensive science, and foreign language. For elementary education, select a concentration in math or science.

Hold leadership positions in extracurricular activities while in college.

Hiring officials want leaders in the classroom.

Be willing to relocate.

Many first year teachers will need to relocate to an out of state teaching position. Often they will return to the midwest within one or two years.

Be willing to substitute teach in order to gain access to a school system.

This is often a great way to get you "foot in the door" and be a viable candidate for full-time teaching positions.

Utilize Career Center.

Our office has several services available to assist graduating seniors with the job search.