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Query is a PeopleSoft end-user reporting tool that will allow users to write reports in order to extract information from FMS and CSS.  Query allows users to create and run reports against the FMS or CSS database with these queries being as simple or as complex as needed. Queries can be created for a one-time use or they may be created and saved for future repeated use.  Query will be the PeopleSoft version of Focus reports in SIS.

Query users will benefit from having a basic understanding of the data that the query will be based upon (such as, in what record the data is stored), and the relationships of other records within the database.  

Query users will find there are two levels of Query:  Query Viewer and Query Manager  Please following the links provided below for further information about Query Viewer and Query Manager training.


Query Viewer / Query Manager


  Query Viewer

Query Viewer provides ‘read-only’ access to predefined queries. Users with Query Viewer access can search, run, print, and download query data.    [ learn more about Query Viewer ]



  Query Manager

Query Manager allows users to create new queries, modify existing queries, and schedule queries to run at a later date.    [ learn more about Query Manager ]