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   Last Revised  February 18, 2013 
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With the implementation of PeopleSoft Enterprise systems, functional areas took on the responsibility of scheduling their own processes within the systems.  Each process must be run under a specific user account.  On occasion, the person associated with a scheduled process either leaves the University without transferring or cancelling those scheduled processes, or the person may be on leave for an extended period of time, either expectedly or unexpectedly.  On such occasions, issues with scheduled processes cannot be easily addressed by others in that functional area or within the technical support area.  This policy governs the creation and administration of departmental scheduling accounts within the PeopleSoft Enterprise systems at BGSU that will enable a process whereby those scheduling responsibilities can be transferred to others without or with minimal disruption in service.



Department scheduling accounts for FMS and HCM/CSS are permitted only when they can be tied to an individual.  That individual is responsible for protecting and maintaining the password associated with that account, and for using the account in accordance with the BGSU Information Technology Policy.  No password sharing is permitted for any reason.  When an account holder leaves the University, for any reason, the account holder's supervisor may authorize a transfer of that scheduling account to another staff member immediately or to an appointed person in Information Technology Services (ITS) until a permanent staff member is identified.  The account password must be changed and the associated BGSU Id number transferred to the new account holder.  If the original account holder returns to campus, the supervisor can then authorize a reversal of the process to assign the account back to the original account holder.  In any case of an account transfer for any reason, a new password will be created for the account.



BGSU ITS Procedures Associated with Departmental Scheduling Accounts


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