Office of the CIO - 2006 Archived Headlines

Newsworthy - 2006 Archived Headlines

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  MyCourses(Blackboard) Outage and Upgrade
  MyCourses(Blackboard) Outage Scheduled
  Network Outage Scheduled for December 17
  Test Scanning Hous for Finals Week
  PeopleSoft CSS Application Outage
  BG@100 Open Forum
  Master Calendar Outage
  Focus Upgrade
  "Bursarable" Process Moratorium in Preparation for FMS
  High School Web Contest Winners Announced at Tech Fair
  Apple Battery Recall Program
  Dell Battery Recall Program
  Additional Wireless Locations Available
  Technology Support Center (TSC) Hours
  eTime for Students System and ePortfolio Outage
  MyCourse (Blackboard) Outage Scheduled
  2006 Tech Fair
  PeopleSoft CSS Outage Scheduled
  BG@100 Open Forum
  "Save the Date" - 2006 Tech Fair
  Blackboard Outage
  PeopleSoft CSS Outage
  SNAP Survey Software to be briefly unavailable
  ITS Database Server Outage
  ITS Mainframe Outage Scheduled
  BG@100 Open Forum
  ePortfolio Outage
  BGSU e-mail System Maintenance
  Internet Connection to be Unavailable
  Vendors Needed for Tech Fair
  PeopleSoft CSS Outage Scheduled for October 1
  Tech Trends - Best Practices in the use of DVSS
  Rhythmyx CMS to be briefly unavailable
  BG@100 Open Forum
  ITS Mainframe Outage Scheduled
  MyDegree Audit Outage Planned
  Outages Scheduled for September 1
  Blackboard Outage
  Technology Support Center (TSC) Hours
  MyBGSU Extended Hours
  BGResearch to Experience a Brief Outage
  BG@100 Open Forum
  ITS System Updates
  Technology Equipped Classroom Training
  MyCourses (Blackboard) Outage Announced - Cancelled
  ITS Database Server Outage
  MyBGSU Outage Scheduled
  ePortfolio Outage Scheduled
  New BGSU Events Calendar to be available Monday, August 7
  HCM Outage Scheduled
  2nd Annual Office of the CIO Golf Outing
  Outages Scheduled
  Internet Connection Outage
  Internet Connection Outage - July 19 & 26
  Virtual Calendar and EMS Server Outage Scheduled
  ePortfolio and eTime for Students Outage
  Internet Connection Outage
  Wireless Network Outage
   ITS Database Outage Scheduled
   Pagecenter Outage and Upgrade
   BG@100 Open Forum
   eTime for Students system Outage
  ePortfolio Outage
   Rhythmyx Web Contement Management System (CMS) Outage
   EMS and Virtual Calendar Server Outage
   BG@100 Open House
   Customize MyBGSU to fit your needs
   TECS Applications Being Accepted
   Rhythmyx Web Content Management System (CMS) Upgrade
   Network Outage Scheduled for Friday, June 9
   BG@100 Open Forum to include FMS Navigation Presentation
   PeopleSoft HCM Outage
   My Degree Audit Outage
   BG@100 Open Forum
   Outage to affect availability of some MyBGSU applications
   Blackboard Upgrade and Outage
   ePortfolio Outage
   Test Scanning Hours for Finals Week
   ASAC Software Request Applications Available
   Outages Scheduled
   ePortfolio Outage
   BG@100 Open Forum - Meet Your FMS Chartfields
   MyBGSU Services
   Tech Trends
   Blackboard Outage
   MyServices application enhancement
   PeopleSoft HCM outage
   President of Adobe to speak at BGSU about the future of the Web
   Rhythmyx Test Server Outage and Upgrade
   Event Management System (EMS) to be briefly unavailable
   Wireless Network Outage
   PeopleSoft HCM Outage
   Tech Trends - Podcasting - An Apple Presentation
   CMS Training for the Web to be offered on March 14, 2006
   BG@100 Open Forum
   Outages Scheduled
   Hardware Support Computer Repair Policy
   PeopleSoft HCM Report Outage
   Hardware Support Policy Change
   Wireless Network Outage
   CMS Training for the Web
   BG@100 Open Forum - An Overview of FMS
   Tech Trends - Distance Learning
   ePortfolio Outage
   PeopleSoft Server Outage
   Wireless Network Outage
   Blackboard Support
   MyBGSU to have a new look
   PeopleSoft Server Outage
   eMail System Maintenance
   My Courses (Blackboard) Outage
   TSC open until 10 p.m.
   BG@100 Open Forum - January 11, 2006
   MyCourses (Blackboard) hours
   Extended TSC Hours
   Audio-visual equipment requests for spring
   Classroom Technology Equipment Training
   Monthly Content Management System (CMS) Training for the Web
   eTime for Students and ePortfolio Outage
   BGSU email Outage - January 5

   MyBGSU Outage - January 3