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Web Development

Steps for Using the New Web Site Design and Content Management System
  • Each area designates a content administrator. This person coordinates the page's "look and feel" and will be the area's only contact person.
  • The content administrator contacts the Office of Web Development to establish a presence in the web content management system.
  • The content administrator contacts Fred Connor to specify the area's color and template.
  • The content administrator uses the CMS Training Request Form to request content management training for everyone who will use the system. The Office of Web Development will provide training on using the Rhythmyx CMS system.  These sessions are customized to the needs of the department and the knowledge level of those being trained.  The hands-on sessions are an introduction to the CMS system and include instructions on how to navigate through CMS, how to create new web pages and how to maintain existing CMS web pages.  The trainer assigned will contact you to arrange training.
  • After completing the training, all trainees use the content management system within a training environment for two weeks.
  • After the two-week testing period, the content administrator contacts the Office of the Web Development to establish their community's workflow requirements.
  • The area begins creating, producing, and managing Web pages using the content management system.

Any specific question regarding the CMS may be directed to the Office of Web Development at

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