BGSU Information Technology Policies

BGSU Faculty and Staff Email Policy

   Applicability   All University Units
   Faculty and Staff
    Effective Date   November 3, 2000
   Responsible Unit   Information 
   Technology Services
    Number   3341-
   Policy Administrator   Office of the Chief 
   Information Officer
    Last Revised   August 6, 2013



 BGSU Information Technology Policy



Email is a mechanism for official communication within Bowling Green State University.  Official university correspondence will be sent to faculty and staff through email and official university email accounts are required for all BGSU faculty, staff, and students.  The addresses are all of the form:

  • Faculty and staff are required to obtain their university email account at the time of employment/contract.
  • Faculty and staff will anticipate that official university correspondence will come to them through this email account and must access this email account on a regular and timely basis in order to stay current with University related communications.
  • Faculty and staff are expected to use their BGSU email account for all email correspondence related to official university business.
  • All use of email will be completed in a manner consistent with meeting BGSU email policies.



     University Responsibilities

  • Official email communications are intended only to meet the academic and administrative needs of the campus community.  As stewards of the process, Information Technology Services is responsible for directing the use of official email.


User Responsibilities

  • Faculty and staff who wish to have email redirected from their official BGSU email address to another email address (e.g.,, may do so, but at their own risk.  The University will not be responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors.  Having email redirected does not absolve faculty and staff from the responsibility associated with the official communication sent to the BGSU account.  In order to forward email, please contact the Technology Support Center in 110 Hayes Hall,, or by telephone at 419-372-0999.
  • Users should exercise extreme caution in using email to communicate confidential or sensitive matters, and should not assume that email is private and confidential.  Users should be aware that BGSU email correspondence is considered a public record.
  • Faculty and staff have the responsibility to recognize that certain communication will be time critical.  The University expects that such communications will be received and read in a timely fashion.



Use of BGSU technology resources must be completed in compliance with the  BGSU Information Technology Policy.  Any violations will be referred to the appropriate disciplinary authority for review.


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