CSS On-Line Training UPK Access Instructions

Classes will be offered to Campus Solutions (CSS) users by on-line training available through MyBGSU.  Offering classes in this manner will allow users to proceed through the material at their own pace and users are invited to return to the class material as often as desired to review information and details.

Each class will present information on the designated topic and will also include a quiz component.  For each class, completion of the quiz with a score of 80% or higher is required prior to requesting CSS security.  The class material and quiz may be repeated as many times as the user desires.  It is also possible to stop progressing through the class material as needed and to return to the same point at a future time.


Some on-line training classes have been created using a product called User Productivity Kit (UPK). This software enables the user to learn how to use Campus Solutions in a simulated environment.  

To access a CSS UPK on-line training class:

1.  Log in to MyBGSU using your BGSU username and password.

2.  Select the "Canvas" Tab.

3. Hover over the courses link in the top left.

4.  Select the appropriate course from those listed in the dropdown that appears.  If you do not see your course already, click the "View All Courses" link at the bottom of the list and then select the course from the page that appears..

5.  Follow the provided class material.  

Note:  The courses typically consist of "Try It!" tutorials.  For each "Try It!" tutorial there is a corresponding "Know It?" test.  Each user is required to pass the "Know It?" tests with a score of 80% or greater in order to gain access to the system.  The test scores are automatically recorded in the system.  The tests can be retaken as many times as necessary.  These tutorials will remain accessible for users to review material as needed.


If you are unable to see the CSS classes in your MyBGSU, it is possible that you have not yet been enrolled.  To enroll, please complete the CSS Online Training Request form.