Office of the Chief Information Officer

2010 Archived Newsworthy

2010 Archived News & Headlines 

   IMS Response Time for Classroom Technology Cabinet Inquiries 

   Email Outage to Occur Dec 21, 22, and 23

   Technology Support Center (TSC) Holiday Hours

   StudentTech Holiday Hours

   FMS Open Forum - Wed Dec 8

   MyVPN Outage - Thurs Dec 9

   CMS Outage - Thurs Dec 9

   CSS/PeopleSoft Outage to occur on Sun Dec 5

   Network Outage - Fri Dec 3

   OnBase Outage Announced - Wed Nov 24

   Outages Announced - Sun Nov 14

   Tech Trends Event - Hunter Grant

   Outages Announced

   CSS and HCM Outage

   CyberSecurity Awarness Month

   CyberSecurity Awarness Month - Phishing

   Blackboard Mobile Learn now availalble

   CSS and HC Upgraded to v9

   Fall Break Schedule Changes/Outages

   Outages Announced - CSS and HCM upgrade to v9

   Email Outages to Occur

   Outages Announced

   BGSU Blogs Outage Announced

   Network Outage Announced

   Academic Exam & Class Evaluation Scanning service available

   CSS Oracle/PeopleSoft Outage Announced

   Driver Installation for Print Responsibly Devices

   Technology Support Center (TSC) Weekend Hours

   ITS Labs Upgraded for Fall

   Query Migrations to CSS HCM v9 - Session Signups Available

   Outages Announced

   BGSU Blogs Outage Announced

   Faculty and Staff - Is your Business Address accurate?

   Blackboard Outage Scheduled

   Network Outage Announced

   OnBase Outage Announced

   CSS Oracle/PeopleSoft Outage Announced

   System Outages Announced

   Safe Assign Services Outage Scheduled

   CMS Outage Scheduled

   MyFiles Outage

   BTSU Events Calendar Outage Scheduled

   CMS Outage Scheduled

   Darwin Outage Scheduled for June 10

   Academic Test Scanning

   Network Outage/Upgrade Scheduled

   6th Annual Office of the CIO Golf Outing

   SIS, AHRS, and AFIN access

   Upgrades and Outages Scheduled

   Network Upgrades Scheduled

   Mainframe Decommission

   Employee Listing by Department Available

   ASAC Software Requests Available

   Network Outage Scheduled

   CICS hours of availability to change

   Support for online placement testing transitioning to ITS

   TSC to be closed on April 3 & 4

   Reminder for PageCenter Users

   Network Outage Announced

   MyVPN Outage

   Network Outage Announced

   Wireless Microphones in the 700MHz Band

   CSS Oracle/PeopleSoft Outage Announced

   Outages Announced

   Possible network outage announced for February 12 & 13

   Falcon Film Festival - February 27

   CMS Production Outage Scheduled

   CSS Oracle/PeopleSoft outage scheduled

   Outage scheduled for January 24

   Possible network outage announced for January 14

   Possible network outage announced

   Query Manager and Query Runner training classes

   CSS Oracle/PeopleSoft outage scheduled

   Blackboard outage on Mon Jan 4

   Intermittent outages possible on Sun Jan 3

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