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Financial Management Solutions (FMS)


FMS Reports - Web Report Library (WRL)

FMS sers will access FMS reports via the Web Report Library (WRL).  

  • Location:  The WRL is accessed at
  • To request WRL access:  To register for access to the WRL, login to MyBGSU and select the Administrative tab then the Services sub-tab.  Scroll down to the FMS Web Report Library Access form on the right.  Complete the blank fields on the form and submit the form as directed.  
    • Documentation on how to request access to the WRL  
    • Applicants will receive email messages to keep them up-to-date on the progress of their application through the approval process.  Applicants can expect to receive messages when their form has been submitted and when it has been denied and/or approved. 
    • Training is strongly recommended but not required prior to requesting WRL access. Please see the information provided at the Training and Documentation bullet point below for further details about available training options and to reference supporting documentation used during training sessions. 
  • Training and Documentation:   The WRL training is available via two courses (Basic and Advanced) outlined below. 
    • WRL Basic  - The Web Report Library Basic online training will serve as a primer touching on the basics of finding, running and exporting reports. The WRL Basic online training consists of four classes entitled:
        • WRL 101:  Locating Your Reports
        • WRL 102:  Locating Chartfields
        • WRL 103:  Exporting a Report as a PDF
        • WRL 104:  Exporting a Report to Excel 
        • To request access to the WRL Basic online training complete the form available at:
    • The supporting documentation provided below is available for use in conjunction with the WRL Basic online training.
    • WRL Advanced  - The Web Report Library Advanced training will build on concepts introduced during the Basic training session and will help users further leverage the system.  WRL Advanced topics include: