Technology in the Classroom Subcommittee

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Criteria Used in Assessing Applications


The Technology in the Classroom Subcommittee considers the following criteria (listed in no particular order) when determining the final ranking submitted to the CIO:

  • Dean’s ranking
  • Pedagogical justification articulated in the application
  • Number of departments and/or colleges requesting the software
  • Monetary contribution from the department and/or college for purchase of the software
  • Availability of the software to students (e.g., keyserved, in open labs, in restricted or departmental labs)
  • Number of courses and students projected to use the software
  • Likelihood that students not in the course(s) will use the software
  • Whether students will continue to use the software after they have completed the course(s)
  • Extent to which the software is integrated into the course
  • Extent to which similar software is available on campus
  • Extent to which support for the software can be provided to students